Top 10 Apps for Pet Owners/Parents

Whether a dog lover or a cat lover, or just an animal lover, we all know nurturing a pet is as good as nurturing a human baby. And taxing too. But don’t forget, we’re living in an age where practically every need/demand/desire of yours is just a click away. That means Yes, All the canine and feline owners in the house, this one is for you! From health to lifestyle to dating apps for you and your pups (you heard it right), we’ve got you covered. 

Here is a list of the top 10 apps for your pooches and moggies that will make you the best Paw-rents in the world!

1) Pet Check for Pet Owners

pet check for pet owners app

Developed by A Dog walking management software, Pet check for Pet owners ensures that your poodles have been thoroughly cared for. Pet owners can request, edit or cancel appointments with the dog walking and pet sitting companies using its scheduling tools. Because of the response it received, in the year 2020, the software has developed into an application for Android and iOS to make the experience even faster and efficient. 

The app allows you to:

  1. Manage your poodle’s routine so that nothing has been missed from the schedule 
  2. Include pictures, maps, and comments.
  3. Keep a check on when their dog walkers arrive.

2) Kaboodle – The Pet Owners App 

Kaboodle the pet owners app for iOS

Kaboodle is a unique platform that engages pet owners with various pet-related topics and informative tidbits. Based on your pet’s profile, it can also identify crucial medical services, find relevant information, and help you buy products and services related to your pet. Now isn’t that just great? And convenient.

3) PawSanta Parents – Pet Parenting 

PawSanta Parents app iOS

If you thought that all pets do all day is sit, play, eat and have no other social life, then you couldn’t be more wrong!

Animals certainly do have a social life and even better than most humans, if I may say, once you check out what this app has to offer. Your one-stop destination for your furry friend’s social life! From medical services like vaccinations to monthly appointments with the veterinarian to grooming your pet for a play date to arranging a walker, this app has it all. Have you ever heard of Paw-cialize? Well, it’s a special feature for your fur-kids to mingle and arrange purr-dates! Sounds cute, doesn’t it? What’s even cuter is a Pawkid diary that you can maintain to keep a record of your pet’s health and routine.

4) PetPals

PetPals app on Google play

Another all-in-one app for your precious, this one literally lives up to its name. It provides a wide spectrum of services for you as Pet owners, right from adopting a pet, grooming it, to finding pals, the health of your pet to buying various products and supplies! It not only connects you to veterinary health care providers but also arranged appointments with pet sitters and walkers, and much more.

If you are looking to start from scratch, this app also lets you ADOPT a pet. By that, it will help you connect with the necessary people and provide the right information regarding the process. What’s more? You can also find a lover for your pet! PetPals provide pet dating and mating services that allow pet owners to get in touch with other owners in similar situations.

5) Petamiko

Petamiko app on Google play

The Tinder for your furry friends! This works like a dating app for your pet if you want to find pet-mates. For whatever reasons, we may not always be available for our pets, and in times like these, they do feel lonely. Enter Petamiko, an app that will connect you with other pet owners and have a one-on-one conversation about their pets. You can also register yourself and create your pet’s profile. And if some lucky ShihTzu stumbles upon your Chihuahua, consider it a match!

6) WagStays

WagStays app on Google play

As much as you might hate leaving your pets behind, sometimes you just have to. How many times have you had to cancel that late-night movie show or impromptu trip for the weekend because you could not find a trustworthy sitter or caretaker for your pet? WagStays is here to simplify that problem for you. With this app, you can search for reliable and friendly homestays for your pooch. It works like a boarding home for dogs that ensures your pet is in the good hands of a loving host. Not only that, but it will also keep you in touch with veterinary whenever in need.

PS: Those who want to earn some extra pocket money and have a fondness towards dogs can also register to BECOME hosts on this website! You can get paid for literally playing with dogs. Is this a dream come true? I think so.

7) Meet My Dog

Meet my dog app on App store

You will be surprised to see how many platforms are available on the internet for boosting your dog’s social life! Consider this as Facebook for canines, for it gives dog owners the ability to discover, connect and share with other dog owners in their community. This could be a hub for your pup and its buddies.

8) 11Pets

An app that is most useful for

  1. Families with pets
  2. Animal Welfare Organizations and
  3. Professional groomers
11pets app on App store

11Pets lets you choose the model that fits best with your requirement. With its Pet Care option, you never will have to worry a single thing about your pet’s health. From reminders for vaccinations, organization of health records and medical data to follow up of medical incidents.

It is a wholesome app with more than 50 pet-care features, available for both Android and iOS users.

9) Rover

rover app on Google play

Rover is a popular dog walking app created for dog people by The Dog People! With its market spread out mainly in U.S, U.K, and Canada, through this app, you can get photo updates, GPS tracking of your dog’s walk, and easy ways to connect and message with pet sitters.

Although its forte is for providing services for dogs, in 2019, the app announced an expansion of its market to provide services for all the feline owners and lovers.

10) My Reptiles

My Reptiles app on App store

I know I mentioned “pooches and moggies” at the beginning of this article, but hey, a pet is a pet! Hence, this is for all the snake lovers out there who have this charming reptile as a pet. This app lets you keep a record of your snake’s feeding, weight, shedding cycles, etc. Along with it, you can add your reptiles to the mobile app and create barcodes that can be scanned to identify the reptile.

My Reptiles also allows you to register successful and unsuccessful feeding attempts, which is useful for reference if your pet annually goes through the food rejection phase. You can put up reminders to notify when your pet needs a feeding. You can also maintain a profile for your pet with all the relevant information.

While all the apps mentioned above are for pet owners, they hold perfectly true even for animal lovers in general. And here is a little snippet for those who are not a paw-rent yet.

Animals Angels Foundation is a non-profit organization that encourages and uses Human-Animal Interaction as a therapy to cure mental health-related issues. With the assistance of trained therapy dogs and pet parents, you can spend few hours of your day cuddling and belly rubbing doggos.

Losing a pet is an inevitable part of owning a pet, and this could be a great way to deal with the grief. There is no sadness big enough that a hug from a dog cannot cure! This is based in India, but you can find similar organizations and communities in your city or country as well.

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