Top 6 Apps like Clubhouse for Android and iOS

Are you tired of watching endless travel pictures of vloggers and selfies of influencers? If you are, then maybe you’re one of the 10 million users of the app, Clubhouse. If not, you must be wondering what Clubhouse is, or perhaps you’re an Android user or haven’t received an invitation for the app.

If you’re either of the three, I’m happy to help.

Clubhouse is an invite-only social networking audio chat/conversation app for iOS. Launched in 2020 April, the app has accumulated massive popularity over the months. Recently Elon musk hosted a podcast with Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also made a presence, hence skyrocketing users in just a short span.

So, What is Clubhouse, and How does it work?

Clubhouse is an app that solely functions on voice conversations and discussions. The platform encourages people from all walks of life to strike up a conversation or listen to a debate or interviews on topics of your taste. It is basically like a podcast but much better.

However, it is an invite-only application, meaning you cannot set up an account until an existing user has sent you an invitation to join the app. But once you’re a member of the “clubhouse,” it’s pretty easy and fantastic to navigate through. Much like any other app, Clubhouse asks for your field of interests so that it can recommend individuals and rooms that you’d likely follow. These conversation “rooms” are basically like conference calls; you can tune in to listen to the conversation whenever you feel like it.

Why You Need a Clubhouse Alternative?

As I mentioned, the app is available only for iOS devices, making it even more limited. And that’s a shame. Because while we are bombarded with images and videos on almost every platform, interacting through voice alone is a breather.

Hence, here’s a curated list of the top 6 promising apps like Clubhouse for Android and iOS.

Best Clubhouse Alternatives that work on Android & iOS

1. Twitter Spaces 

Twitter as a mainstream platform has almost everything, and now following the footsteps of Clubhouse, the option of voice chats! You cannot only tweet, retweet, like, share pictures, videos but ALSO have audio conversations and discussions through its newest feature, Twitter Spaces. Currently, in beta testing, the feature is rolled out to a very small group but eventually will be made public to all. Twitter claims that “Spaces is a place to come together, built around the voices of the people using Twitter. Spaces are live for as long as they’re open; once ended, they will no longer be available publicly on Twitter.” 

There are two ways to start a Space. 

Firstly long press on the Compose icon and tap on the new Spaces icon located on the extreme left.

Or in Fleets, you can click on your profile image, then scroll to the extreme right and select Spaces. 

You can invite up to 10 users to speak on your Space, along with privileges that you can choose such as Everyone, People you follow, or Only people you invite to speak. These Spaces will be only available as long as they are live, after which they will cease to exist on the platform publicly.

As we know, Twitter is available for both Android and iOS.

2. Leher

A very own Indian version of Clubhouse, Leher is a live discussion app where users can join clubs that pique their interest. What’s more, users can not only join but also create clubs to discuss and interact with like-minded people over audio OR video. A feature that makes Leher standout from other “waves” is that you can join and create clubs, an exclusive space to host discussions, podcasts, and free-flowing conversations. Leher also lets content creators monetize their work through live discussions and sell subscriptions to their audience. Influencers can collaborate on paid partnerships and earn extra bucks. I’d recommend you check out this indigenous app. Leher is available on Android and iOS.

3. Riffr

A unique shorter version for podcasts, Riffr is an app that introduced a term called “riffs.” Riffed is a social media platform for micro podcasts, while podcasts are usually lengthy and elaborate. Riffs are short, sweet, and spontaneous! As described by the app, “Riffr is for everyone- the famous, the not so famous, and the wannabe famous.”

It is straightforward to use; record and share your thoughts and ignite an exciting conversation. Users can browse and search for their topic of interest on the app’s My Feed page and start listening to micro podcasts right away. Moreover, Riffr provides the option to repost micro podcasts on other social media platforms as well. It will convert the audio “riff” into a video with just a click. Although not precisely like Clubhouse, it is still an alternative that you can check out on either Android or iOS.

4. Discord Voice Channel 

For all of those who are well versed with Discord, know it’s a multipurpose platform. And one can make great use of it if you know just how versatile Discord can get. So, you can stay connected with your community via text, video, and voice. You can create a voice channel on Discord which is very similar to Clubhouse’s Rooms.

Discord has an edge as it lets you choose the privacy settings of the voice channel, meaning you can either have a public or a private channel. Discord server can be set up as software on your laptop or PC, and it can be used as an app through a browser or an app on your phone, making it accessible almost everywhere.

Through a voice channel, you can stay connected with your community without ringing or calling, click on the channel and say hello to your friends. You can also use various Discord bots and music bots to enhance your experience. The UI of Discord is user-friendly as all the tools and controls to navigate are on the main page itself, making it an excellent alternative for Clubhouse. It is available for Android and iOS. 

5. Spoon 

Spoon is a digital audio live streaming social media service developed by Spoon Radio inc. It is a hippie kind of platform where the host or “DJ” can live stream internet radio and chat with their listeners. Users can also tune in to listen to discussions or live conversations on daily life, comedy games, music, or even podcasts. Listeners can give their favorite DJs a digital “spoon” that can be redeemed for money. Especially among youngsters and teenagers, Spoon has received many followers, making it a good enough alternative. It is available on both, android and iOS devices.

6. Wavve

Wavve - apps like clubhouse

Although not an app, Wavve is an audio platform for musicians, podcasters, and content creators. You can convert your audio content or podcasts into video format to share social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Customizable videos of your podcasts can enhance its reach and engagement with the public, mainly created for that purpose. As a podcaster, It is excellent to promote the next episode or highlight a specific guest or a project. However, there is no direct way to download the app. Wavve is available on the internet, and you can immediately get started through their website. 

There you go. If having intellectual conversations or listening to insightful podcasts on audio spaces is your thing, give it a shot to either one of the apps mentioned above. Let us know in the comments below which one worked the best for you!

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