10 Best Apex Legends Characters to Play in Season 7

A trendsetting player in the Battle Royale gaming arena, Apex Legends is a free-to-play-game that gained traction to the tune of 25 million players in the initial weeks of its release. With people currently enjoying its seventh season, anticipation is high for season eight to hit the web on February 2, 2021. Who are some of the best Apex Legends with unique abilities who battle it out for supplies, ammo, attachments, and armors in rugged terrains of an island that shrinks over time?

In the Battle Royale genre, the developer Respawn Entertainment’s offering allows gamers to enjoy making quick strategic calls, battle plans and work on unique, diverse skill combinations with the squads to ace the challenges. They lead with their heroes armed with particular skillsets who power their way to victory in the game. In Apex Legends, you play in squads (20-three person or 30 two-person) and attempt to find and collect ammunition and defeat opponents.

Rumors are rife that a new game mode may be around the corner, in addition to the five-game modes already in play. You can choose from 15 Heroes in the game, all-powerful in their own right and possess exceptional skills, abilities, and powers. However, we have curated a list of the 10 Best Apex Legends Characters to Play in Season 7.

Top 10 Apex Legends Characters


Technological Tracker

Bloodhound Best Apex Legends Character
Bloodhound. Image Credit: ea.com

Famed for being one of the finest hunters ever in the Frontier, Bloodhound was born to two engineers killed in meltdown at New Dawn industrial plant, Talos, where they had been stationed. With their parents no more, Artur Bloodhound’s uncle took them in and nurtured respect for nature – a belief system of the Old Ways that shunned modern technology. However, modern technological advances fascinated Bloodhound, who finally gave in to the pull and honed their expertise in both old and new ways.

Bloodhound’s Skillset:

More in-line with guerilla warfare, Bloodhound can hunt their enemies and eliminate them swiftly and stealthily.

Tracker – Skill of tracking and searching for enemies via clues

Eye Of The Allfather – a glimpse of the enemies or traps

Beast Of The Hunt – one of the best Ultimate abilities where the player becomes the ultimate hunter where senses are enhanced, vision is sharp, and speed is swift.


Shielded Fortress

Gibraltar. Image Credits: ea.com

As the name suggests, Makoa Gibraltar is a high-tier player and the most potent legend you can depend on to come to your rescue when you need him the most. Called a gentle giant, he also has a crazy and wild facet to his personality. With his parents being the Search and Rescue Association of Solace (S.A.R.A.S.) volunteers, the need to help people was ingrained in him from the beginning but more so when his father lost an arm while rescuing him and his boyfriend. The episode left him with regrets and a burning desire to save those in danger.

Though others – friends and acquaintances – may compete in the games for glory, money, or just a challenge, he competed to ensure people he was close to were safe. Though a mid-tier hero, Gibraltar is always found facing the fire, standing like a rock in front of his team, which has earned him the right to be one of the best heroes in season 7 and a will to cause maximum damage. With exceptional levels of endurance, he is a real savior. 

Gibraltar’s Skillset: 

With an attack-style of a barrelling bull, the gentle giant built like a brick and mortar wall has the excellent offensive and defensive skills against the opponent teams.

Dome of Protection – a 15-second enormous protective bubble, which saves your teammates from gunfire

Gun Shield – a shield that automatically pops up to save you from the incoming bullets

Defensive Bombardment – one of the best Ultimate skills is a concentrated strike of mortar that explodes instantly


Gravitational Manipulator

Horizon. Image Credit: ea.com

Introduced in season 7, Horizon has an exciting story. When the Outlands were at the precipice of a disaster a century ago, astrophysicist Dr. Mary Somers was invited to solve the energy crisis. Shifting with her family, she began to work with Dr. Reid at the Olympus scientific research station. The duo chanced upon an element – Branthium (to be found on a Black Hole’s accretion disk), which could be an unlimited energy source. Betrayed by the apprentice Dr. Reid, Mary was forced into the orbit of Blackhole.

The ingenious Mary, desperate to join her son back on Olympus, escaped with the help of her robotic companion N.E.W.T. Sadly, she was decades late. Now, all Mary wants is to go back for her son. In her quest to find a way to go back in time, Mary joins the Games. However, a recent news piece spoke of the developers’ plans to nerf Horizon despite being one of the best characters in season 7.

Horizon’s Skillset: 

Her skills revolve around gravity manipulation aided by N.E.W.T.

Gravity Lift – an anti-gravity field that catapults the players outward

Spacewalk – control over her air movements

Black Hole – Proving herself to be a power among the Apex Legends, Horizon’s NEWT lets-loose a mini black hole pulling in the players


Interdimensional Skirmisher

Wraith. Image Credits: ea.com

Wraith is a mystery among all and our favorite legend. No one knows her history, including herself. All she remembers is opening her eyes in a detention facility and heard voices in her head. Once she controlled her senses and focussed on the voices, she learned to come into her powers of traversing through dimensions. Similar to Mirage, Wraith is a character from D.P.S. Apex Legends.

Wraith’s Skillset

Believing in the strength of stealth instead of storming the barricades, Wraith is guided by the voices in her head to put up a formidable fight against the enemy teams and damage their chances. This popular legend makes terrific use of the hand that fate has dealt her and has one of the game’s best pick rates.

Voices from the Void – a Tricky power to navigate, the voices in her head inform her when enemies are near.

Into the Void – a defensive ability to jump into voids shows certain invincibility to damage.

Dimensional Rift – a powerful ability that helps you pull your team into the Void


Professional Soldier

Bangalore. Image Credits: ea.com

One of the coolest and best heroes in season 7, Anita Williams, aka Bangalore, is on a mission to raise funds to find her way back to her family separated from on a military mission. She is a rugged soldier who believes in strategy and precision. Bangalore is an influential legend and equipped with the determination and skill to neutralize large cohorts of enemies.

Bangalore’s Skillset

Double Time – Increased speeds while taking fire.

Smoke Launcher – Smoke grenades

Rolling Thunder – Artillery strike


Surveillance Expert

Crypto, Image Credits: ea.com

A fugitive, Crypto is the best apex games tracker in season 7 apart from Bloodhound. An encryption expert, Crypto’s real name is Tae Joon Park, searching for the conspirators who framed him to take another’s life. He scouts the landscape with aerial surveillance and keeps a vigil against the enemy teams in the Arena.

Crypto’s Skillset

Neurolink – A Passive Ability to make enemies visible to the team.

Surveillance Drone – A Tactical Ability to fly with UAVs to scan the surroundings

Drone E.M.P. – Offensive ability to detonate a UAV to emit an E.M.P. blast to neutralize enemies teams


Toxic Trapper

Caustic. Image Credits: ea.com

An erstwhile scientist, Alexander Nox, aka Caustic, worked in a gaseous pesticide manufacturer. Once, he tested his formula on himself and was changed forever. Caustic is the best offensive attacker among Apex Heroes in season 7, working with abilities around deadly attacks from smoke canisters. A dedicated scientist at heart, his main interest is to witness the maximum damage to enemy teams using poison he creates with his hands.

Caustic’s Skillset

Nox Vision – Caustic can see through gas attacks.

Nox gas trap – a canister filled with noxious gas denotes when shot at by enemies.

Nox Gas Grenade – an ultimate ability to send toxic gas across the ground to neutralize threats


Combat Medic

Lifeline. Image Credits: ea.com

Coming from a long line of war profiteers, Ajay Che, aka Lifeline, has healing powers stemming from her guilty conscience at her family’s dirty secret. She is a member of Frontier Corps, which works for humanitarian causes. Her skillset reflects how she feels to be able to repair what her family has broken. Wanting to atone for her family’s sins and redeeming the portion of damage they wrecked, she sends her winnings from the games to good causes. She can make for a powerful team with anyone.

Combat’s Skillset

Combat Medic – Revives teammates quickly.

D.O.C. Heal Drone – summoning a robot to heal their teammates

Care Package – the ultimate ability is the Lifeline Package with a pod full of top-notch defensive gear


Holographic Trickster

Mirage. Image Credits: ea.com

A top-tier legend and part of Apex world’s eclectic heroes, Elliot Witt or Mirage, is high on stealth tactics. He loves to play tricks to pull the wool over his enemies’ eyes. Learning his mother’s abilities, he fell into Holo-Pilot technology and equipped himself with all he could about the illusion-creating tech. Though his elder brothers went Missing in Action in the Frontier War, he and his mother forged stronger bonds while working on their shared interest in tech and creating illusions with the click of a button.

Mirage’s Skillset

Encore! – a decoy to cloak himself if he is down

Psyche Out – Mirage can send a decoy to confuse the enemies if he had sustained potential damage

Vanishing Act – a team of decoys running around to distract the enemies, all the while cloaking you to protect you from damage


Forward Scout

Pathfinder. Image Credits: ea.com

Brimming with optimism and positivity, Pathfinder is a Mobile Robotic Versatile Entity (M.R.V.N.), upgraded to hone in on scouting and surveying. Decades ago, someone booted him up, and he wants to find his maker. Thus, Pathfinder’s quests led it into the Games. Being a medic and is more of a defensive player with excellent team coordination whose power lies in getting the terrain’s look to scout hazards, from exact to rough location.

Pathfinder’s Skillset

Insider Knowledge – scans the terrain to zero in on the next location.

Grappling Hook – a speed boost that allows Pathfinder to move at high speeds to cover the distance

Zipline Gun – the Ultimate Ability to make a rescue route for your entire team and leaving no man behind, something Pathfinder will never do.

A little info for you to begin your journey. The game hitboxes are different for each hero, with Wraith having the smallest Hitbox. Maximum player health in Apex Legends is 200HP in addition to maximum level armor. Additionally, Apex Legends accords base health of 100HP to all its heroes, and with the armor collected, one adds two to four segments, with each one having a value of 25HP. So what are you waiting for? Get cracking!

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