Chrome for Android may bring dark mode to Google Search results

Google now appears set to maximally implement its famous Dark Mode for Google Search results on Android devices. This news comes straight from 9to5Google among other reputable sources and will serve to further enhance the desirability and utility of Chrome for Android.

For a while now, the Google Chrome app has been the proud beneficiary of a dark mode that enables better and easier use in the dark. However, even with this Dark Mode enabled, the webpage that displays the applicable search results comes rocking a white background. This appears set to change, at least according to varied sources in the know.

Reports have it that this change will be effected through a code change. This code change will alter the functioning of the Chromium source code. With this code altered and active, once users activate the Dark Mode on Chrome, the search results they get will be as dark as night, thereby matching the overall dark theme.

Normal and Dark mode comparison in Google chrome search results
Photo Credits: 9to5Google

Chrome On Android

Google has long been committed to offering a variety of new services and features on the Android ecosystem and giving users a reason to stick by it, iOS be damned. In fact, with Android 10 yet to launch, Google committed to enabling a dark mode feature on its apps, most especially for Android. This, however, was only partially effective. Success appears at hand at last, with a full dark mode feature for Google Search results being nearer to realization than ever.

The new dark mode will now once activated darken every part of Chrome for Android. Users will no longer have to do their Google Search in the comforting dark, only for the search results to come up with a white background of blinding intensity.

The code responsible for this change in the Chromium source code repository is reported to add a new flag to chrome://flags.

Its description is as follows: 

Show the dark SRP for Chrome Android

If enabled, users will see a darkened Search results page if Chrome is in night mode as well.


Chromed Affairs

From the above description, it appears that soon enough, search results on Google will come with a dark theme that well might resemble that seen on the Android Google Search app. However, if the full dark mode is indeed coming for search results on Chrome for Android, an obvious way to make that happen would be to tweak the Google Search site itself. We have no idea as to why a change to Chrome rather than the Android Google Search app was needed in this particular case. Perhaps Google knows something that we don’t, but that is unlikely.

More, as of now, we aren’t all too sure how Google intends to change Chrome for Android to reflect the reported dark mode changes. Perhaps Chrome could force any website it wishes to darken its search results or something of that nature. God knows it has such an ability.

No new code changes have been released yet, but that state of affairs could change any day. To know when that happens it would be wise to keep a close eye on this page, because we make a habit of having our ears to the ground and picking up all sorts of rumors and tips you are sure to want to know!

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