12 Cool Gadgets to get from AliExpress in 2023

AliExpress is one such website where you can find all the latest and cool gadgets in just one place. Whether it is a waterproof Bluetooth speaker for all your loud music or dance parties, fancy kitchen items like the Iceball mold, or protecting your children with the sensory LED lights – AliExpress has you covered. We have curated a list of 12 gadgets that a home must incorporate or at least try its hand at. 

1. Xiaomi Portable Speaker (Waterproof) 

Who doesn’t like music? Whether it’s a bright and sunny day for a long walk in the park by yourself or a thundering rainy day to sit by your window with a hot cup of coffee. The music feels like therapy in such times, and hence, this Xiaomi waterproof portable speaker from AliExpress works as a lifesaver. It has a built-in 2000mAh battery that lasts you for hours without a break. The portable speaker comes in a unique cylindrical shape with an attached string for effortless carrying around, whether indoor or outdoors. So what are you waiting for, go grab your speaker now and groove to your favorite music? Buy this cool speaker here

2. Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 from AliExpress is one gadget you must invest in. These are one of the coolest electronic buys. Connect your device to your smartphone and keep a check on all your calls, messages, music, and social media notification at your fingertips. Well, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is predominantly used to monitor one’s fitness to lead a healthier life and therefore is designed in a sleek design that keeps track of your heart rate, calories, your walking distance, sleep, etc. This fitness tool is water-resistant and can be worn underwater as well, it recognizes up to 5 varied swimming styles. Xiaomi Mi Band 4 can cost between $28- $41. Get your first Xiaomi Band 4 here

3. USB LED Book Light 

Starting from $1 only, these USB LED Book Lights are available in a vast range of colors to choose from. These LED lights come in handy for students, avid readers, travelers, etc when working late and don’t wish to disturb the people in the company. These vibrant-colored lights can be fit in the tiniest places while traveling and only need to be connected to a USB port whenever required. Attach your USB light to your smartphone, laptop, or power bank and you are all set to read a book in quiet or complete the pending article you’ve been dreading for a while. Buy these tiny lights here

 4. Sensitive Night Light 

One of the many reasons to buy these Sensitive Sensor Night Light is it’s a built-in sensor that lights up at any minute movement. The plug-in light is quite easy to use and comes in four different color variants: blue, white, yellow, and pink. These lights could be plugged in dark hallways or stairways for better vision, or maybe plug them in your child’s bedroom or bathroom for them to move without any harm. This inexpensive light costs around $2 or above but is suitable for every kind of home. Get these lights here

5. Lucid Dream Mask 

The Lucid Dream Mask from AliExpress is one of a kind technology that allows you to control your dreams at your own pace. Get your hands on one of the coolest gadgets from AliExpress in 2022 at $15 only! The thin-layered mask is made up of a light and breathable fabric and does not conduct any sweat or heat on the eyes. If you are wondering how does the lucid mask work? Allow us to spread some light, the mask has enabled LED lights beneath in a controlled technique that prevents deep sleep. Now, the person enters a lucid state of dream where they can control the direction. Get yourself a pair of these Lucid Dream Masks here

6. Robot Vacuum Cleaner 

Have you ever wondered how difficult it is to mop and sweep your house manually? Have you ever desired to get a robot that does the job without you being exhausted or missing out on your favorite show? Well, this Robot Vacuum Cleaner is your one-stop solution to all the cleaning up and dirty floors. This compact-sized robot is an ardent cleaner that leaves every inch of your house untouched! Every bread crumb and every ounce of moisture will be sucked in and you won’t even know it was there. It is a perfect little cleaning assistant that glides on smooth surfaces, without making a sound. Have a look here. Get yours today

7. The Levitating Plant Pot 

The Levitating Plant Pot from AliExpress is a great way to showcase your indoor plant in an aesthetic form, it not only works as a cool plant holder but is a tremendous piece of home decor as well, magnifying the beauty of your modern homes. Imagine placing the pot on a secluded study table, the amount of refinement it is going to add along with the attention it will captivate from all the guests. This magnetic levitating pot is a must-have gadget for keen home decorators for all the sleek design and aesthetics. AliExpress confines a great variety of such plant pots, differing in shapes, sizes, colors, textures, etc and you can choose whichever pot suits you best. You can find it here

8. Iceball Maker Bottle – Portable 

Beginning at $12, this Iceball Maker Bottle is a unique but useful gadget in the current era. In today’s time when Food Blogging and Vlogging, both are soaring professions, these portable ice molds are quite classy and demanded by such professionals for artistic purposes. These ice balls can be used while recording a video of “How to Make a Virgin Mojito at home?” or just simply serve the guests some lemonade with a fancy touch – it’s up to you. These molds come in different shapes, sizes, and colors with varying prices as well. If you wish to make some fancy drinks at home shortly, consider buying these molds for promising pictures and post them on your social media! Where to find it? Here

9. Bluetooth Pocket Photo Printer 

Looking for the perfect gift? We have you covered. Gift your friend this Bluetooth pocket photo thermal printer that prints your pictures within seconds. Even if you are not looking for a gift, this is one of the top cool gadgets from AliExpress that one must own. All you have to do is connect your smartphone to this photo printer via Bluetooth and start printing pictures for your slam book, photo album, or build a memory lane with your friends. These cute instant photo printers are a great way to store memories in the palm of your hand and can be a precious Christmas gift for your children this season. Buy it now

10. UV Sanitizer Phone Disinfectant Box

Since 2020, the entire world has witnessed a crucial time in disguise of a pandemic, now, every item we use or equip needs to be disinfected before use. Smartphones are one such thing that cannot be disposed of after one-time use, and thus, a UV Sanitizer Phone Disinfectant that eases the job without a drawback. A useful gadget like a smartphone disinfectant is a great investment and only costs around $21, so order one for yourself now! Click here to buy it now

11. Hot Glue Gun 

A hot glue gun is a daily requirement of a crafty person but everybody is aware of the fact about them being extremely expensive. On AliExpress, you get a diversity of glue guns to choose from, from a variety of colorful ones to a big or small gun – depending on the need of the hour. Or maybe, opt for the glue gun that contains the refilling glue sticks for a better value. It is all up to you, but AliExpress glue guns are rated well by real-time customers in the review section. Buy it here

12. Colorful Anime Night Light for Kids 

The perfect style to protect your kids from tripping or falling in the dark and give it more character simultaneously is to add this Anime Night Light to their rooms! It is a touch sensor light that your kids will surely love. Plus, they come in different anime characters and emit different lights through remote control, how cool is that! The 7-color variant starts from $9 whereas the 16-color variant is loosely priced around $12. Let your kid choose theirs today! Buy this LED light here

Now that we have come to the bottom of the page and ended our list for today, we hope that you try (at least) some of these products for yourself. We have to admit, these gadgets are cool and you cannot just let them slip away without giving them a second glance. Well, let’s hope for more unique and unusual gadgets to arrive in 2022 on AliExpress so that we can bring you more such recommendations.

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