Dark Mode for Google Maps on Android is finally here

For all those android users who wanted to give their Google maps a sexy gothic look, the wait is over! Google maps has finally rolled out dark mode on Android globally after testing it since September 2020. The company made the announcement on Tuesday. 

The option will be available on android devices under the “Theme” option in the app’s setting menu. The dark mode reduces the light intensity on the eyes and gives the app a much cooler look.

 The company said in a blogpost, “ These days, we are all experiencing a bit of screen fatigue. With dark themes in Google maps soon expanding to all android users globally, you can give your eyes a much-needed break and save on battery life.”

Recently, Google Maps also rolled out new features to make the user experience more efficient, especially for its Indian market base in January 2020. 

In the same blog post, the company mentioned it will introduce the features with a batch of other new features along with updates on Android Auto. Updates including custom wallpapers as well as games such as Trivia Crack, Jeopardy! Song quiz and Google’s Are You Feeling Lucky? 

All of these games will be available through the Google assistant by simply commanding, “Hey Google, Play a game” 

In addition, Android Auto will also have a split-screen feature that will enable Maps side by side with media controls, just as Apple’s CarPlay in iOS 13. However this particular feature will only be available in cars having wider displays. What’s more, Google is including shortcuts as well to Android Auto that will allow easy access to weather or setting the home thermostat.

The latest features of Android Auto will be available soon in the coming days on phones having Android 6.0 and above versions in compatible cars. 

The company is also introducing Password Checkup for Android devices to help and prevent possible data leaks or privacy breaches by alerting the user. This feature will automatically check existing passwords with any new ones on your Android phone.

So, if you are an Android user, Google has quite a lot for you in-store. Meanwhile, to switch on the Dark mode, go to settings  > Theme > Always in Dark mode. Likewise, to switch back to the Light mode, Click on Themes >Always in Light mode.

However, the dark mode feature will be available for all Android devices soon in the coming days. 

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