How to Delete Messages on Discord Servers/Direct?

Discord is one of the safest instant messaging sites on the internet. With server access that you control remotely, a privacy breach is one thing you might never have to worry about. Managing your server, however, is one thing you should focus on, especially knowing how to delete Discord messages and also how to clear Discord chat.

In this article, we are going to have an in-depth look at how you can easily manage your Discord chats. This includes essential skills like how to delete all your Discord messages and how to clear Discord chats with mee6.

Why Do You Need to Delete Messages?

There are dozens of reasons why you would need to delete messages but the top reason amongst users is the need to manage space in the servers they will be using. Depending on the size of the server you are using thousands of messages can be quite tedious. Imagine having to scuffle through thousands of texts to get to those important messages you have in your Discord account.

The other reason is you are bound to send a risky or offensive message once in a while and, well, you might need to keep it off record and that is exactly where the Discord delete function comes through.

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The above reasons make it clear how imperative it is to know how to delete Discord chat history. For a guaranteed seamless experience on Discord, you need to know how to delete messages.

Types of Messages on Discord

Discord categorizes messages into several classes, and knowing each one better can help you navigate the platform easier. Let’s take a quick look at the message categories you’re bound to encounter; 

1. Discord system messages  

These are a very common type of messages on Discord. System messages are messages that are sent to you by Discord if you have account issues. The issues that prompt system messages on Discord range from TOS violation warnings, support ticket updates, and a dozen other account-related issues.

These messages always have a system badge. These messages are not that vital and are some of the reasons why it is important to know how to delete Discord messages, or even better, how to clear Discord chat history.

2. Server messages 

These are messages that are sent in Discord servers. These messages can accumulate very fast, and because they can reach a huge number, there is a need to know how to delete Discord messages on the app or how to clear a Discord chat.

3. Direct messages  

These are the regular messages that you sent either to your friends directly on Discord. These messages are very important as they, in most cases, constitute the bulk of your chat history.

The problem is you might in a moment of madness or weakness sent a text you might not want to be part of your Discord footprint. In times like these, knowing how to delete messages on Discord will come in handy!

How to Delete Direct Messages on Discord? 

Direct messages are messages you sent between yourself and another user. For your own convenience, if you are using Discord, know how to clear a chat! 

  1. Right-click on the user you have exchanged direct messages with and click on ‘messages’. 
  1. Once the direct message panel opens, look for the X that is on the left side of your screen. Click this X icon. Once you click this icon the conversation will be closed. It is important to note that the messages will not be deleted but instead hidden. The other person will be able to see them, and once you message them again (or vice versa) the messages will show up for you again. 
Delete Direct Messages on Discord

You’ll have to delete messages individually by right-clicking on a message and then clicking on delete.

Pro Tip: you can hold Shift to get rid of the deletion confirmation dialogue box.

Unfortunately, there is no official way (as of now) to bulk delete Discord direct messages. There are a few 3rd party program scripts that do this. You could check them out to see if they work for you.

How to Delete Server Messages? 

Deleting server messages or channel messages is easy and can be done in several different ways. These ways include manual deletion or using a bot.

Mastering these methods is the answer to the query on how to clear Discord server chat.

1. Delete Messages Manually 

  1. Open the text channel that has messages that you want to delete.  
  1. Once you have selected the message you want to delete, hover the text and select the three dots that appear.  
  1. Once the menu from the 3 dots appears, select the delete option that appears. 
Delete Discord Server Messages Manually
  1.  A dialog box will appear asking you to confirm your decision be sure to select delete. 

(This method is not suitable for deleting bulk messages)

2. Deleting Messages Using Discord Bot

You have probably heard about bots, and in this part, we are going to show you how to clear Discord chats using mee6 without breaking a sweat:

  1. The first step is installing the mee6 bot this is easy just go to the mee6 website and select the add to Discord option. 
  2. After adding mee6 to your Discord account, select the appropriate server, and a dialog box will appear with a ‘continue’ option. Be sure to select it to complete the mee6 addition.
  3. The following step is authorization, and once all that is done, complete a Captcha for verification, and you are done. 
  4. There are two commands that mee6 uses to delete texts. The first one is !clear @username. Just replace ‘username’ with the user whose messages you want to delete, and mee6 will do the magic! 
  5. The second one is !clear [number of messages] (ignore the brackets – you insert the number of messages you want to delete in the channel). The bot will delete starting from the last one (number of messages you specified in the channel). 

3. Delete Messages by Cloning a Channel

This is the final method. This method allows you to clean up an entire channel. 

  1. Open the channel you want to delete and click the options button.  
  2. Click the clone channel option and change the name of the channel if you wish. 
  3. Delete the old channel, to allow yourself to start all over. 

(Note that you will retain all the participants in your channel, but you will have to re-add the bots again) 


Got a burning question? Here are a few frequently asked questions to put your mind at ease. If you’re still not yet answered, don’t hesitate to share your question in the comments section! 

How Do You Delete Other People’s Messages on Discord? 

If you have admin privileges, you can easily delete someone else’s message in a channel by simply selecting the text and selecting options then clicking delete. 

What Happens to Messages if I Delete My Discord Account?

Discord will anonymize your texts by labeling them as ‘deleted user’. The message will however be preserved but without your username on it

Can I Recover Deleted Discord Messages?

Once a message is deleted on Discord, it is wiped from the Discord servers meaning you cannot retrieve it ever. As such, be careful when deleting your messages, especially so with the bulk-delete options.

Winding Up 

Discord is a beautiful messaging app, and it can be even better if you know your way around it. These basics like ‘how to delete all messages in Discord’, are essential bits you should know for a great experience on the platform. Just remember, with this whole screen-shotting trend going around, deleting those messages doesn’t necessarily mean that there isn’t someone out there who still has some form of a record of it. Enjoy! 

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