Discord Nitro Vs. Nitro Classic: Which one is better for you?

If you were to ask anyone from the Gen Z fam about their favorite gaming platform in 2021, there is no doubt that ‘Discord’ would be one of the most popular answers. However, two new questions have recently come up in the community: Discord’s Nitro vs. Nitro Classic – Which is better, and why were they introduced?

First of all, let us learn more about Discord.

Discord is a gaming platform that helps you to stay connected with anyone and everyone easily. How is it any different from Instagram or Snapchat, you ask?

Well, for one, everything on Discord is organized into servers. These servers or communities are places where you can pop-in at any time to talk about a particular issue over a chat, voice call, or even a video call. It also has other features such as video and screen share updates, server videos, reduced motion settings, and more. Therefore, people have started creating Discord servers for all kinds of hangouts, from all-night gaming sprees to artsy magazine groups.
However, like everything else, even Discord has its limitations, such as :

  1. A user cannot be on more than 100 servers at once. Once this limit is hit, the server invite will display as “Invite expired.”
  2. The maximum attachment size on a default no-boost server is only 8 MB. It is 50 MB on a boost-level 2.
  3. There is a limit of only 20 reactions per message.
  4. A default server can only have 50 regular and 50 animated emojis. It is not possible to use customized emotes on different servers.
    To counter these limitations and more, Discord has introduced two new boost-ups called Discord Nitro and Nitro Classic. Both come with various advanced features to enhance the gaming experience of the users.

What is Discord Nitro?

Buy Discord Nitro subscription at $9.99 per month

Discord Nitro is a premium subscription service on Discord designed to help and support the platform, especially in the early days, and has continued to develop on the platform since. Nitro offers a variety of additional features that can improve your overall Discord experience. 

1. Upgraded Go-Live streaming: Go-Live is a feature that allows you to stream your game to a small group of people. With Nitro, you can stream at a premium source quality of 4k/60fps. With the updated Go-live technology, you can now simultaneously video chat and screen share in the DMs itself.

2. Global emojis: Nitro allows people to use any emoji they have in their library, on any server, even if they have been customized on a different server.

3. Better avatars: Gone are the days of static pictures and boring DPs. Nitro now offers a variety of animated GIF avatars, which can perk up your profile on Discord. 

4. Screen sharing: You can share your screen with your friends up to 1080p at 30 FPS or 720p at 60 FPS.

5. Increased upload limit: Nitro subscribers can now upload files up to 100 MB. This is a jump from the 8 MB limit on the free-tier version.

Apart from these additional perks, Nitro also offers two Discord server boosts every month to its subscribers. 

Discord Nitro is available at the price of $9.99 per month. Its annual subscription costs $99.99 per year with a notable discount. 

It was mainly created to let its core platform remain ad-free without incorporating significant dramatic changes.

As per Discord 2017, “We designed Nitro so that it enhances the core experience of Discord, but it shouldn’t feel necessary for anyone who can’t afford it, or who doesn’t want to spend the money on it.”

For maintaining this foundation and to provide people with added benefits at even lower prices, Classic was introduced.

What is Nitro Classic?

Buy Nitro Classic at the subscription rate of $4.99 per month

Discord Nitro Classic can be looked at as the younger brother of Discord Nitro. With limited new features, Classic can be availed at a lower price but with the same core goodies offered by the regular Discord. Some of the exciting new features which can be accessed on Classic are:

1. Upload a GIF avatar: Nitro classic lets you add the same magic as Nitro to your Discord profile. Your avatar can now have a little animated fun with the new range of animated avatars available with this subscription. 

2. Better video quality: You can stream Go-Live at an enhanced quality of 1080p 60fps. Classic also enables you to screen share with 720p @60fps or 1080p @30fps.

3. Emojis everywhere: The free-tier Discord allows customized emojis only on the server they have been uploaded to. However, Classic does not hold this restriction! You have the freedom to use your emojis on any server you like, at every whim of yours.

4. Increased upload limit: Nitro subscribers can upload files up to 50 MB, which is a jump from the 8 MB limit on the free-tier version.

5. Personalized Discord Tag: With Nitro Classic, you can customize your Discord tag according to your preferences.

While Nitro Classic provides these delightful new additions, it does not have any server boosters, like its elder brother Discord Nitro, for its subscribers.

Nitro Classic is available at the price of $4.99 per month. You can also buy the annual subscription at $49.99 with a significant discount.

Discord's Nitro vs Nitro Classic: Features such as HD videos, Better Emojis, Bigger uploads and more are available.

Discord’s Nitro Vs. Nitro Classic 

Feature Comparison between Discord’s Nitro
Nitro Classic
Discord NitroNitro Classic
Server Boosting2 Server Boosts free every month. Also, 30% off on additional server boosting.No Server Boosts. Also, 30% off on additional server boosting.
Pricing$9.99 per month. 
Annual subscription – $99.99 per year
$4.99 per month.
Annual subscription – $49.99 per year
Uploading Size limitUpload Limit up to 100 MBUpload Limit up to 50 MB
GIF AvatarsUsers can change their avatars using animated GIFs.Users can change their avatars using animated GIFs.
Live streaming
Screen sharing Quality
Allows streaming at 720p @60fps or 1080p @30fps.Allows Streaming at 720p @60fps or 1080p @30fps.
Global Custom EmojisAllows customized emojis on all servers. You can also enjoy more customized emojis with the Nitro boost.Allows customized emojis on all servers. You can also enjoy more customized emojis with the Nitro Classic boost.
Nitro BadgeFeatures a special Nitro Badge on your profile.Features a special Nitro Classic Badge on your profile.

Which one is for you?

Both the subscriptions offer many cool perks, such as high-quality streaming, customized emojis, badges, and more. However, let’s make this clear. The only major difference between Discord Nitro and Nitro Classic is that Nitro gives you 2 Server Boosts free per month whereas, Nitro Classic does not.

So, if you are a fellow gamer like I am (or even a content creator or a community leader), then Nitro is the go-to pack for you. You would get two free server boosts along with added benefits and 30% off on additional server boosts at the price of 10 dollars per month. And to put it more simply, you would be spending the same amount every month if you were to buy the two servers without a Nitro subscription. So, why not enjoy the added perks as well, right

However, if you only casually use Discord to chat with your friends or join heated debates, then you might not need Nitro. To enjoy the globalized emoji community and more, you can opt for Nitro Classic, which is available at only 5 dollars per month. You can also avail the benefits of the discounts on the additional server boosts if you ever feel the need to expand your horizons

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