EyeJust Review 2023

It’s a no-brainer on how much time most people spend on what nowadays. Wondering what am I talking about? Well, you’re reading this right now, maybe on your laptop, computer, or smartphone, and that’s exactly what I’m talking about. 

When we entered the 20th century, little did we know how incredibly digitalized our lives would be and how much time we would spend just blatantly watching one screen or the other? However, with the current pandemic, the number of hours spent has only skyrocketed, given that we were confined in our homes with nothing to do except scrolling feeds and get bombarded with global news. And that isn’t good for you and your eyes! Although this shouldn’t come as a shocker, to some, it might. But there are solutions to prevent us from damaging our vision or disrupting our sleeping schedule. And if you want to know how then continue reading this EyeJust review. 

But What Exactly is Blue Light?

You see, the screens that we keep watching all day long emit something called “blue light.” Blue light is a good thing during the day but turns harmful at night. 

Blue light or the High-energy visible light is a high-frequency, high-energy light in the violet/blue band from 400 to 450 nm in the visible spectrum. Simply put, it is a short wavelength which means it produces a higher amount of energy.

Earlier, the natural and ONLY form of blue light used to be the sun, but with advancements in technologies, it’s around us everywhere. Your tv, computer, laptops, smartphones, tablets, gaming systems, electronic devices, fluorescent lighting, LED lights, you name it! 

During the day, natural light, i.e., the sun, along with the artificial lights, doesn’t prove harmful as it doesn’t cause much strain on the eyes.

It also helps boost your alertness, lifts your mood, heightens your concentration level, increases your reaction time and overall feeling of well-being. However, at night, too much exposure to the blue light can not only throw your body’s circadian rhythm-the natural sleep and wake cycle – out of its rhythm but also increase chances of eye strain, headache, fatigue, etc.

According to research, the Bluelight is responsible for suppressing melatonin production- a hormone that regulates the circadian rhythms and macular degeneration -in simple words, vision loss. 

But, even after knowing all of this, we can’t terminate the use of electronic devices. For most of us, it has become an inevitable part of our lives. However, there are ways to limit the consumption of blue light, like using Blue light filters in glasses and lenses and using screen protectors. 

What is EyeJust?

EyeJust blue light screen protectors are a protective shield that blocks up to 50% of the blue light-emitting from your iPhones, iPads, and laptops. According to the company, “it is designed to combat the negative effects of blue light emitted from digital devices to prevent eye damage, sleep disruption, and premature aging of the skin.”

How is EyeJust different from standard screen protectors?

As tested by the Gavin Herbert Eye Institute at UC Irvine, the EyeJust screen protector blocks the Bluelight without changing the screen’s look or color. The technology also acts as a screen guard for phones or laptops with crystal clear scratch-proof optical grade tempered glass.

Moreover, EyeJust products are also smudge-proof and protect from cracks due to their antimicrobial and oil-resistant design. However, It cannot totally block out the Bluelight, but only 50%, between 440 nm to 460 nm, which is not bad as it is helping to protect your sleep, skin, and eyes. 

It is advisable to use Apple’s Night Shift mode with EyeJust screen protectors to reduce the effect to a minimum level. Apple’s night shift mode activates between sunset to sunrise, specifically the “dark” hours. During which the screen emits slightly mild light, changing the screen color to yellowish. While this feature is great, we still need to be protected from the blue night during the day when it returns to its normal temperature. Hence, combining EyeJust with the night shift mode works the best as it reduces the eye strain significantly. I felt the switch to be quite helpful even after being assigned glasses from an optometrist for eye strain and headache problems. 

The installation is relatively straightforward too. 

How much do EyeJust products cost? 

Eyejust on iphone

EyeJust blue light blocking screen protector compatible with iPhone starts at $34.99

EyeJust on iPad

EyeJust blue light blocking screen protector compatible with iPad inch costs $40

Eyejust on laptop screen

EyeJust Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector, compatible with MacBook, starts at $43

Pros and Cons

Before you go ahead with the final purchase, here are some points that you must weigh. 


  • It is a doctor and scientist-recommended solution for blocking out the blue light emitting from screens. Hence, it is approved to protect your eyes and skin from harmful effects.
  • One of the best things about it is that it doesn’t change the color or the look of the device after the installation. Unlike night shift mode, your screen won’t look yellowish.
  • Protects the screen as it is made of scratch-proof smudge-free anti microbial tempered glass. 
  • EyeJust comes with a 2-year guarantee and replacement warranty.
  • Once installed, it shall protect you from blue light all the time, unlike other methods, glasses, or the night shift mode. Hence, even if you forget to wear your glasses, your eyes will not bear the brunt of it. 


  • While EyeJust products are designed to help shield your eyes from blue light, they primarily focus on the range of 440nm to 460nm. This means that they may not provide comprehensive protection across the full spectrum of blue light (380nm to 500nm). However, it’s worth noting that this targeted approach is still beneficial, as it aims to block the most harmful portion of the blue light spectrum.

EyeJust Verdict

All in all, I’d recommend EyeJust to just about anyone, irrespective of what kind of work you do. Every 4 out of 5 people spend an average of 4-5 hours on the phone per day. With the growing dependency of humans on smartphones and electronic devices, we end up getting overexposed anyway. The product is excellent for iPhone/iPad owners as it functions like two in one, protecting the screen of both your eyes and the phone! The transition from your regular screen guard to EyeJust is also smooth, as it does not mess with the look or the phone screen’s clarity.

However, don’t believe that getting a protective shield on your phone will cure that eye strain problem of yours. In the end, one has to be mindful of their screen time to protect themselves from the negative effects of blue light. Measures like using good quality glasses, enabling the Night shift mode, decreasing the brightness, and keeping the phone at a distance while night browsing can go a long way. And the best tip of all? Lock your phone away once in a while.

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