10 Amazing Face Swap Apps For You to Try

I was introduced to the Face Swapping apps when, a few years ago, I received a rather frightening meme showing the swapped faces of a cat and its pet parent. The furry little thing looked as uncomfortable as I had felt seeing that picture. But the novelty caught on, and now, I see the hilarity in it too. Though Snapchat rules the roost for face-swapping tech, there are several apps for both Android and iOS users to have fun with. And if you are on the lookout for some fun face swap apps, then you have come to the right place.

Here’s a list of 10 Amazing Face Swap Apps For You To Try!  



Become Thor, Spiderman, Tony Stark, or freak your friends out with goofy images of face-swapped celebrities – want to do all this and much more? Then Reface is the app for you! Swap faces and create GIFs and videos in a heartbeat! What can be more fun? This app found instant fame when it was released. One of the most bizarre face-swapping apps out there, Reface has top-of-the-line AI and updates its collection of videos, photos, GIFs daily. All you have to do is take a selfie and upload it to the app for hilarious face-swap videos.

Become a completely new person, swap faces with pop stars, morph your facial features, and become a celebrity in trending TV clips or movies. The face editor has many features for you to try with its face morphing technology. RefaceAI can help you make the funniest of memes with your face mapped onto another face. And the change is almost eerie and reality.

Playstore – 4.5 stars
App Store – 5 stars



Face Swap Booth allows face-swapping features and saves the cropped picture to use it on another image, and what’s more? You can import photos straight from Facebook! The app also offers you unlimited options to customize your picture, mix and match the features of various facial features. Use the advanced editing tools to merge images perfectly, auto-detect faces, custom merge faces with the multiple “facial overlay masks,” and create new faces by mixing and matching various facial features. You also have the option of the pre-loaded color tones and blend your looks to match it realistically. Once the free trial period gets over, you may choose any of the subscription models.

Playstore – 4 stars
App Store – 4.5 stars


Image Credits– Faceapp

With more than 500 million downloads, Faceapp is one of the more popular apps for face swapping AI. With several AI filters for you to use, you can change the background, apply effects and try other tools. The whole process is fast, and you do not have to spend a lot of time on the photo editor. The app features more than 60 filters for hair color, volume, adding a beard, a mustache, and makeup!

Play Store: 4.6 stars
App Store: 4.7 stars



A beautifully simple editor, you have to cut out your face from a picture using a magnifying glass tool and paste it elsewhere, save it, and share across all social media networks! Create memes, prank friends with funny photos, use your tech wizardry in swapping faces, write witty one-liners and add stickers to the images. This app lets you do this and more for free. The best part is that you can save and create a gallery of all the pictures you cropped and use later.

Play Store – 4.7 stars



An Editors’ choice app on both android and ios, Snapchat is a crowd and celebrity favorite when it comes to the many filters it offers to its consumers. All one has to do is open the camera and click a picture after choosing the right filter for yourself from a range of fun features, with new ones being made available every day. Snapchat also offers unrestricted cloud storage for you to save and store all your pictures and stories.

A more fun way to use the app is to use its easy face swap feature. Just open the app in selfie mode. Once you tap and hold on to the screen, you will see a face map. Once this white mesh appears on the screen, you can choose the Face Swap lens, which, once activated, shows two smiley faces on your screen. Now, all you have to do is stay close to the object you want to swap faces with, and Voila! It’s done.

Playstore – 4.3 stars
App store – 3.8 stars


You can be anyone! Well, you can, but this app helps you to look like anyone too! This realistic face swap app gives you great results as you swap your facial features with anyone – family, friends, pets, celebrities, paintings, statues, objects – Yes, ANYONE. Based on AI, the app helps you swap any image or picture after analyzing all the emotions on the face and gives you realistic results – without any photo editing work. The app also adjusts the color, tone, and texture of the picture to create a perfect image to upload on Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media apps. The app is only available for iOS devices.

App Store: 4.7 stars


Face changer camera app

Also known as Face28, this app not only allows you to swap between two faces but also gets more funky and crazy! As the name suggests, the Face Changer camera lets you change your facial features by blending two faces into one, or if human faces are getting a little boring, then use the live Animal Face swap feature. For more animated and hilarious results, try their Chin face and see how your face would look when upside down or use the Face warp camera. However, the app is exclusive only to Android devices.

Play store: 4.2 stars



Another face swapping app with most of the standard features, with Mixbooth, you can swap faces with friends, family, celebrities, and colleagues and upload these funny pictures on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. The app auto crops the images using facial features detection without an internet connection. It also comes with the remarkable feature of shaking the device to see the pre-and-post-swapped photos. It is free to use on both Android and iOS.

Play store: 3.8 stars
App Store: 4.6 stars


Copy Replace

Try out an unlimited number of face combinations, face swap with celebrities, and much more. Copy Replace Face helps you copy and replace a face from any photo. Go a little creative and swap either the entire face or parts of the face to make the picture more entertaining. You can layer multiple faces on top of each other to create unique and exciting photos. Build collages, go for whacky hairstyles, blend faces, and place pictures on any background.

App Store: 4.5 stars



Another free face swap app for iOS, this one gives you the liberty to swap unlimited faces! One of the best things about it is that it automatically detects the face with ease while also selecting face positions for more accuracy. The Face Swap app lets you copy, edit, flip and rotate your faces. And it is considered a perfect app for group photos. But wait, it gets better. The app offers fine-tuning skin color tone, although a paid feature, into the face swap photos making it more realistic and believable. Face Swap app is integrated with Facebook, so pick any picture of your friends from your Facebook account (ask them first, though?) and get swapping!

App store: 3.6 stars

We come to the end of our list for the ten best face swap apps to try in 2021. We loved the filters in the Reflect, and Faceapp and the live feature in Face swap live is something you should try! Teach your parents these fantastic tricks, get together with your friends and whip up some cool pictures to post on your social media platforms, and see the reactions adding!!

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