Google Maps to soon copy this from Apple Maps

Google Maps is the leading Maps application in the market with only one real rival Apple Maps. But a new and unique feature has been introduced by Apple Maps, that the Google Maps is likely to copy in its Maps service. This noble feature will soon be implemented by Google Maps.

To catch up with Google Maps, the Apple Maps navigation application is constantly being updated by Apple for the past few years. A lot of iPhone users have been using Apple Maps, however, it is not the default mapping and navigation application on the iPhone. Google’s growth over Apple is because of its rich user experience along with extra features.

The new feature of Apple Maps that Google Maps will soon copy is related to COVID-19 wellness and health situation. Apple Maps has added a new feature that will direct you to the nearest novel Coronavirus testing facility quickly. It will be very helpful as a navigation and mapping app during the Coronavirus pandemic. Although, Google Maps has already introduced plenty of features to help fight the outbreak during the lock-down, physician assistance, and COVID-19 screening locations are not being displayed by Google.

Google Maps has highlighted information regarding the Coronavirus pandemic, nearby food and shelter locations along with updated opening hours and the closest health centers. COVID-19 warnings have been presented by Google search engine and YouTube with separate news sections. However, Google Maps has not been providing information about the screening of COVID-19, that is the newly incorporated feature of Apple Maps.

Apple Maps is providing straightforward screening locations of the Novel Corona Virus along with medical assistance from the physician community. First reported by 9to5Mac, the COVID-19 portal of Apple is aimed at providing users with medical care and facilities from experts. Users can also register themselves at the Corona virus screening centers. This information can be accessed by Apple Maps and before that, the medical professionals and physicians are supposed to fill out screening details. This information is assessed by Apple before it makes it to Apple Maps.

In the coming weeks and months, the screening capacity of Corona virus must be raised. The screening should not only evaluate people with revealing signs and symptoms, but also those insusceptible ones. COVID-19 screening area information is very crucial for any navigation and mapping application in such a situation as the pandemic will not disappear with just lock-downs. The danger can still flow and it is essential to stop it. Google Maps will also soon duplicate this noble feature of Apple Maps and show the COVID-19 screening spots. 

Apple in a news release wrote that it will be soon collaborating with Google for Bluetooth technology to help the health officials and government authorities to stop the spread of Corona virus. APIs will be released by both the brands in May that will allow people to use tools of both Android and iPhone for applications related to public health. They can be installed by the users through their particular app stores.

These new and unique features of Apple Maps have helped users and public health authorities. It has helped them in locating the nearest COVID-19 screening centers and assistance from physicians.

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