How to Hide Last Seen on Instagram?

Wondering how to turn off last seen on Instagram? You’re at the right place!

Instagram is of course among the biggest and most recognizable social media networks out there. Few other social media have its size and reach, nor its devoted following, capability, and style. It currently has more than a billion registered users, most of whom spend too much of their time glued to a phone or laptop screen either uploading photos and videos or gawking at the perfect bodies, perfect lives and perfect vacations of other Instagram users.

As you all know, Instagram is free to use and that is not going to change anytime soon. Should it, we wouldn’t be much surprised if a global riot or the like breaks out in protest against this move! After all, everyone likes free things and the “best” things in this life are supposed to be free!

So, part of the appeal of a social media site like Instagram is that it makes it possible for you and any other user to flaunt what you might or not have to anyone with a working pair of eyeballs. It also makes it possible to connect with friends and strangers alike from all over the globe and get exposed to exotic sights and sounds. 

Indeed, should there be an alien invasion, the said aliens would probably announce their arrival on Instagram, in order to prevent a panic of epic proportions! That would be most considerate of them!

Slick Activity Tracking 

Yes, Instagram is plenty nice and full of possibilities, most of the time at least. But there are times when you might not feel like engaging in chit-chat on the platform with an airhead or two and just want to browse through in peace, looking at all the nice photos and videos and mentally counting the pennies/uncut diamonds in your bank account or piggy bank.

By default, Instagram uses what is known as an activity tracker. This lets your friends know when last you were online and in turn, alerts you to when last your friends came online to do whatever it is they do. This sort of feature is much the same as that found on the duo of Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.

As you might be aware, the activity tracker on Whatsapp can be switched off in the settings menu if you are so inclined. The same holds for Instagram’s activity tracker. 

Want to switch off your Instagram activity tracker? Well, we are here to help. We aim to show you in easy steps what to do so that no one can know when you are online on the gram. This leaves you free to snoop around like a whisp of smoke, looking and doing whatever you want with no one being the wiser.

Yes, turning off the last online feature/activity tracker on Instagram can be easily accomplished, in seconds too. Here’s how to hide last seen on Instagram.

Turn Off Active Status on Instagram for Android

1. To begin, first, launch Instagram on your Android phone.

2. Now, resist the temptation to watch that sexy lady twirl a lariat and go to your profile page. It is the human-like image at the bottom of the navigation bar that is showing an image of you.

3. There’s a sort of pull-down menu at the top right of the page. Tap this.

Hide Last Seen on Instagram for Android #1
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4. At the very bottom is a Settings button. Click this and you will be taken to another page with a vertical list of options.

5. Click on Privacy and then Activity Status.

6. This has a Show Activity Status. Toggle it off like a boss! Free at last!

Hide Last Seen on Instagram for Android #2

Hide Last Seen on Instagram for iOS

1. For those on Apple devices, simply launch Instagram.

2. Then go to settings by clicking the gear icon that is within kissing distance of the Edit Profile button.

3. Once that is done keep scrolling till you see the Show Activity Status option and toggle this off. Easy peasy!

4. Once the toggle is off, you can go ahead and use Instagram in a sort of ghost mode with no one being the wiser. What fun!

Hide Instagram Active Status on iPhone/iPad (iOS)
Credits: GuidingTech

Facts About Hiding Your Active Status on Instagram

#1 On Instagram, only those you follow, as well as those you have recently sent a private message can find out when last you were online. This means that no one who does not follow you, as well as no one you follow, can know when you were last on the site.

#2 To see when last your friends logged into Instagram, all you have to do is to check your direct messages. This takes just a few clicks and is not at all difficult to do.

#3 Another thing that is not difficult is making your late night and early morning Instagram browsing sessions a private matter is known only to you and your cat.

#4 But be aware that once you turn off active status on Instagram will not be able to see when the last other people you follow or have sent messages to were online.

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