11 Private Instagram Viewers to See Stories, Profiles & DP Exposed

Instagram Viewers are sites and apps that claim to provide access to private Instagram accounts with a simply search of the username. If you want to view the photos, stories, and videos in a private Instagram profile, you may be tempted to try using one of the many private Instagram viewers on the web.

The idea behind the services is that someone who doesn’t want to send a follow request or who wouldn’t be approved to follow that person even if they did send a request still wants to be able to see what that person is up to. Maybe it’s to stalk your ex or your ex’s new partner. Whatever the reason, Instagram private account viewers want you to give their service a try.

But you’re probably wondering if they work or if there’s some kind of catch. We looked into it so you don’t have to.

We Tried Top 11 Instagram Viewers & Here’s What We Found

The following web services and apps all advertise the ability to grant any Instagram stalker access to view any private account in existence. Does that sound too good to be true? Check out the list below to find out.

1. privatephotoviewer.com

Private Photo Viewer

On first inspection, this website appears legitimate. But it quickly becomes evident that the goal of the site is just to funnel you to external sites that aim to collect your data and potentially infect your device with a virus.

When you first enter the site, there’s a search bar where you will type in the Instagram username for the private account you are trying to view.

It then pulls up the usernames that might match and you can select the one you’re looking for. That’s where things start to go downhill. It opens up the profile but blurs out all of the photos and prompts you to click the verify button to gain access to the images. Once you do this, a new page opens with several survey options. You’re required to take one before it’ll unblur the photos.

You have to click to verify you are not a bot and then it will take you to a new page where it asks you to complete a survey.

Instagram Private Photo Viewer

If you do click one of the survey options (which we don’t recommend as it will lead to an external, untrustworthy site, you’ll find yourself falling down a rabbit hole of phishing attempts, masquerading as consumer surveys.

Ultimately, you’ll never gain access to the private Instagram account, and in a worst case scenario, you could expose yourself to dangerous spam or malware.

2. likecreeper.com

Like Creeper Instagram Viewer

Once again, this so-called private Instagram viewer seems to be a thinly veiled attempt at social engineering a phishing attack on unsuspecting users.

First, you type in the account you’re looking for. Then it claims that the account has been unlocked and by clicking to proceed you’ll get access to all of the private photos.

But of course, there’s a catch. The next screen prompts you to verify that you’re not a robot, and apparently it does this by funnelling you to external sources to complete surveys.

This site is a bust, and you’re better off just not even exposing yourself and your computer to the risk.

3. watchinsta.com

Unsurprisingly, this Instagram private account viewer doesn’t do what it claims to. When you click the button to get started, the first red flag you’ll notice is that it opens a new page with a totally different domain. So it’s already off to a poor start.

The live chat on the bottom half of the screen shows a continuously updating stream of feedback from supposed users of the Instagram profile viewer, which seems encouraging at first. But it becomes clear that the feedback is likely fake when you proceed to the next step.

And there it is, the dreaded survey to “verify” that you’re a human user. Just avoid this website altogether. It’s not legitimate and you won’t get to view any private accounts.

4. iglookup.com


This particular Instagram private account viewer employs a bit of a bait and switch technique. When you type in the username you’re looking for, it’ll open a screen with a log window that appears to be searching for the account and providing access.


And for your first search, it works. You’ll see the profile you were looking for and all of the photos are visible and not blurred out. There was no survey and it didn’t cost anything.

But then if you try to access another account, it seems the service cuts you off. The account will appear with all of the photos blurred out and down arrow icons over them, seemingly indicating that you need to download them to view them. If you click on them, nothing seems to happen. But if you continue clicking and trying to download the images, a popup appears claiming to have detected “Bot Like Behavior.”

And when you try click the captcha box, that’s when the catch shows up. It’s a list of options to complete a survey or install an app in exchange for continued access to the private Instagram viewer.

So this one will possibly give you one shot to access the profile you’re looking for, but it can’t be counted on for reliable, consistent, or even safe use overall.

5. gromprivateviewer.com

Grom private Instagram viewer

Right off the bat, this private Instagram viewer has some warning signs that it’s not quite legitimate. The grammar on the home page is severely lacking, and the site seems pretty low rent.

If you type in the username to access a private account, it will open a page showing the profile. It shows a full sized image of their profile picture, their username, as well as their number of posts, followers, and following. However, you must then click to unlock the profile and view their posts. When you click that button, a page opens with a spinning wheel and it takes a little while to load.

Unsurprisingly, the next page asks you to fill out a quick survey and that upon completion, “your victim will be unlocked.”

GromPrivateViewer Survey Fraud

In all reality, the victim in this situation will be you if you choose to proceed with the survey, which will ultimately lead to spamming, phishing, or other more nefarious attacks. So ultimately, this is not a legitimate Instagram profile viewer.

6. pikdo.info

Pikdo Instagram Post and Story Viewer

This site doesn’t seem to be masquerading as a private Instagram account viewer. Rather, it seems to just round up metrics on users and hashtags. If the account is private, the site will let you know and suggest you follow them to see their posts.

Pikdo Instagram Post and Story Viewer

Heads up, though. This site may still be risky. There’s a huge amount of really spamming ads running, and you could still be putting yourself at risk for malware. Just avoid this site altogether.

7. imagerocket.net

Image Rocket Private Instagram Viewer 1

ImageRocket is another website pretending to give users unfettered access to view any private Instagram account. However, it’s not surprising that it doesn’t deliver on this promise.

Like the rest of these faux private Instagram viewers, it first shows you the same info you’d see if you searched for the person on the Instagram app directly. From there, you’re led to click on the button to unlock the private posts. But of course, the photos are blurred out and the website tells you that it “detected botlike behavior” and you’re going to have to first verify that you’re human.

Should you take the bait and click on the Verify button, it will bring you to a new page with a list of optional surveys or downloads to complete before you’re given access to the private account.

Image Rocket Private Instagram Viewer 4

8. privateinsta.com


We probably sound like a broken record at this point, but here is one more fake private Instagram viewer.

One thing that does set this one apart is the use of provocative images to lure users into participating in the phishing tasks. Instead of showing the account with the photos blurred out, it shows some X-rated images that are clearly intended to entice users into falling for the scam to get access to the images.


Don’t fall for this really weak ruse. The photos are as fake as the service the site pretends to offer.

9. instalooker.com

InstaLooker 1

InstaLooker is yet another a shoddy website that doesn’t let you view private Instagram profiles. No surprise there.

When you arrive at the homepage, you’re greeted with a big blue button to Spy Now. On the next screen, you’ll enter the username. The screen that appears then is a seriously ridiculous loading screen that claims to be “hacking” the account you requested.

But it should go without saying at this point that you can’t really see the posts. Instead, you’re required to verify that you aren’t a bot by completing surveys.

10. instaspy.net

This site is no longer up and running.

11. instaripper.com

InstaRipper doesn’t function exactly like an Instagram profile viewer where you would search the username and hopefully get access to their private photos. Rather, this is a password hacking application. You have to download the app and it claims to use a hacking method called “brute-force attack” along with masking IP addresses.

The download page clearly states at the top that it’s not intended for illegal use, like hacking into another person’s private Instagram account. We wouldn’t recommend this app as it could result in getting banned from the Instagram platform permanently at best and leave you liable to legal repercussions at worst.

Additionally, there’s no guarantee that the app is legitimate and not just another malware scheme. We wouldn’t recommend downloading it and taking the risk that it might install a virus or spyware on your device.

Do Private Instagram Viewers Work?

Overall, private Instagram viewers don’t work. The sites that proclaim to offer this service are all scams that just want to lure people into phishing schemes or worse. There are sites that claim to be Instagram story viewers, Instagram profile viewers, and Instagram DP viewers. We break each of them down here.

Instagram Story Viewer

Instagram Story Viewer

If you want to view Instagram stories on private accounts, there’s no tool that will allow you to do this. Private accounts are kept 100% private and Instagram does a good job of ensuring this.

However, there are sites out there that let you view the stories of public accounts and occasionally download the stories (though often for a fee). So while you can’t see private stories, you can anonymously view Instagram stories on accounts that aren’t private. These also allow you to view stories of people who have blocked you, as long as their account is set to public.

Here a few we found that do work:

  1. ingramer.com
  2. storieswatch.com
  3. storiesig.com

Instagram Profile Viewer

There’s not a web service, application, or tool that will actually allow you to view the photos and posts on a private Instagram account. In fact, any site claiming to do so is almost certainly a scam run by people with malicious intentions. The 11 Instagram viewers we tried here are only a handful of the many sites out there that offer this fake service. But we assure you, they are all scams. Short of hacking into an account yourself or with the help of a legitimate hacker, you won’t be accessing private accounts unless that person expressly grants you permission to do so by approving your request to follow them.

And in the process of trying to do so with the aid of these scam sites, you expose yourself to unnecessary risk.

Some of the most prolific forms of cyber attacks are social engineering schemes, or phishing attempts. By manipulating users (or sometimes outright lying to them) malicious agents are able to convince them to share personal information that can be used for a number of purposes, the least of which being to send spam to your email address. Malware can come in the form of drive by downloads, where malware is installed in the background of your computer without you even granting your permission. You should beware of these risks before you start clicking around on scam websites.

So just be advised. These sites are nefarious, and you should avoid them.

Instagram DP Viewer

Instagram DP Viewer

If for whatever reason you want or need to see someone’s Insta DP in full size, as opposed to the small, unclickable DP that appears in their profile, you can use Instagram DP viewers to enlarge the image.

Of course, the DP is visible even on private accounts, though it’s just the little thumbnail. If you want to view them in full size to see the image with more clarity, you can use the Insta DP viewers listed here to do so.

These are a couple that we found that work:

  1. instadp.com
  2. izuum.com

How to View Private Instagram Profiles?

1. Send a Follow Request

If you want to view a private Instagram account, the easiest solution of course is just to send the person a follow request. If they approve it, then you will be able to see their profile and all of their posts and stories. This method won’t put you at risk for exposing yourself to malware or scams. And it’s also not a violation of Instagram’s terms of service or any laws. Really, it’s just the best choice. And if you can’t or don’t want to request to follow for whatever reason, maybe you should ask yourself why it’s so important that you see that person’s content to begin with.

2. Create a Fake Instagram Profile

If you want to follow a private account anonymously, for whatever reason, you could always set up a fake Instagram account and send a follow request. Instagram’s terms of service, however, expressly prohibit this practice. Doing so could result in being permanently banned from the app. Never mind the ethical implications of catfishing. Just do so with caution.

Create Fake Instagram Profile T&C

3. Search Username on Google Images

It’s possible to find images from private Instagram accounts with a Google Image search. But it’s not a guarantee, and it would only be able to access photos that were posted prior to the account being made public. If the person’s account has always been private, there won’t be any images from their account in Google. But it’s occasionally worth a shot.

All in all, the best, most effective method of viewing Instagram profiles that are set to private is to just send a request to follow. The only other options are unethical and potentially even illegal.


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