How to join a Google Meet?

A tech colossus like Google does not get ahead by sitting still and waiting for diamonds to fall into its lap. Instead, it tries its best to innovate and keep on innovating and aims to offer the best possible deal to governments, tech enterprises, and consumers, anytime and anywhere, and often at a price that could make King Midas blush!

As of now, Google is determinedly moving into the video chatting and conferencing sphere. In this perilous times when folks are too scared to step out of their houses, it is pushing its Google Meet as a healthier alternative to apps like Zoom and appears serious about this. 

Google Meet was previously a premium service that could only be accessed by organizations that utilized G Suite. But Google has now scrapped that requirement and now offers it to all takers. With Meet, a maximum of 100 participants can get together on a video call and talk their heads off if they wish. 

Videos made on Google Meet will be capped at 60 minutes, but that cap won’t come into effect until October 1 this year. The cap moreover only applies to the free version of Google Meet, with the paid variant enjoying fewer restrictions. Meet comes with alluring features like screen sharing, real-time captioning, scheduling meetings, and meeting hosts can admit or deny entrance to any participant at any time, plus mute or remove them. This will presumably prevent the occurrence of famous/infamous events like Zoombombing.

In this here article, we will let you all know how you can access Google Meet on a variety of platforms. Read and learn esteemed fellas!

Join a Google Meet Audio & Video Call

The free version of Meet is scheduled to make an appearance early in May this year. Folks on laptops and desktops can access the service at Mobile users can tap into the Meet magic via apps for Android and iOS.

Join Google Meet from Your Computer

Are you a G Suite subscriber or does the organization you work for make use of an active G Suite account? If not you cannot create a Google Meet for others to join and can only join meetings others have started. That is not much of a limitation though.

To join a Google Meet when you are not a paying G Suite member, you have to:

  1. Be sure you are signed in to your Google account.
  2. Go to on any browser of your choice.
how to join google meet
  1. Once there you need a meeting code and when you get this code you type it in the Use a Meeting Code section of the screen. Once the code has been typed in, you can click on the Continue button and have a lengthy video call with the person that called the meeting into being.
Enter your meeting code

But before that can happen, better go to the Settings menu at the top right of the screen and make sure your video and mic are working as they should.

Joining a Google Meet Meeting from your Android Phone or Tablet

There are two primary ways of joining Google Meet on an Android device. That is by using the Google Meet app or by using Google Calendar. The two will be explained in turn.

Join a Google Meeting Using Google Meet App

  1. Download the Google Meet app from Google Play Store and launch it. Be sure to do this while signed in to your Google account. You might get a notice that you are not eligible to host meetings due to the fact that you are not a G Suite member, but that is not a reason to bewail the end of the world!
  2. Enter your meeting code in the field provided for it on the bottom of the screen, and click the Join Meeting button.
Join a Google Meeting Using Google Meets App

Join a Google Meeting Using Google Calendar

Meetings are normally organized ahead of time, with this making it possible for those invited to clear their schedules and sinuses. This scheduling is frequently performed through Google Calendar. To join a Google Meet from the Calendar app:

  1. Go to the Calendar app and check to see what meetings are scheduled.
  2. When you find the particular meeting you are looking to join, click on it.
  3. Then click on the Join Video option.

Join Google Meet Audio or Video Meeting on iPhone

iPhone users can join Google Meet through a variety of means. The most frequently used means is via the Meet app on iOS and that is what we will focus on. To join Meet on iOS you need to take the following steps:

  1. Provided you have an active Google account you can traipse over to the App store and download Hangouts Meet for your iOS device.
  2. Launch Meet and log in with your Google account.
  3. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen. This will show your scheduled meetings for the day.
  4. Click on any particular meeting and tap the Join button.

Google Meet is Google’s premier offering that has now been made available for all takers. It comes packed to the gills with security and usability features and can be accessed by a variety of means and on a variety of platforms. Get it locked and loaded and you might be lucky enough to join a meeting that changes your destiny for the better!

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