Microsoft Teams’ New features for iOS and Android 2021

The teamwork and video conferencing app has rolled out new features for Android and iOS this week. It is one of the platforms that has been most used in this current pandemic as it has brought people closer and more connected with its useful elements. Like, meetings & video conferencing, chat and threaded conversations, calling, content collaboration with the power of Microsoft 365 applications, and the ability to create and integrate apps and workflows that your business is relying on. Recently, Microsoft Teams announced a number of features on the platforms, although they are different for both. Features of iOS devices are slightly more advanced than for android ones.

Microsoft Teams New Features

For iOS

1. Live reactions – users can now use live reactions like thumbs up, heart emojis, clapping; laughing, and more during a team meeting or a one on one call.

2. Screen sharing – on iPad /iPad users will be able to present in live events through screen sharing. Meaning that they can share content with their team members.

3. Clear cache – In addition, iPhone users can also delete cached account data from the sign-in page.

For Android

1. You can create and join events with Teams for family and friends.

2. The Microsoft teams for Android 11 will now also have a notification support on top of the notifications drawer.

3. They can also forward meetings to more than one person.

The features for Android are obviously far less advanced but nonetheless, it is something.

The features have been introduced worldwide for all users. If you haven’t seen them on your phones yet, make sure you have updated the Microsoft Teams app on the Google Play Store for Android and Apps Store for iOS.

The Microsoft Teams desktop app also added a new feature recently, A snap camera by Snapchat that allows the users to add AR filters. Along with it, a new feature- “Together Mode” in which the host can transport the participants to a coffee shop, auditorium during a meeting was also introduced.

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