NASA Provides FitBit for Employees & Astronauts to Prevent COVID-19

NASA will provide the Fitbit wearable devices to 1,000 of its employees, including 150 astronauts, thanks to the collaboration between the two. 

The devices will be used for a pilot program to analyze whether they aid in keeping the mission-critical personnel healthy and eligible for essential missions. 

The program will report the health conditions of the employees through the Fitbit devices and the check in-app. In the wake of the pandemic, NASA has taken every necessary precaution, following the U.S guidelines and regulations to prevent the COVID-19 spread. However, it has also taken its own added measures to up the game and ensure its employees’ security. As for the astronauts, the terms are already stricter to make sure those taking the trip to the international space station aren’t infected. 

With the new Fitbit program, the precautionary measurements will be more thorough as it provides respiratory rate and heart rate as well as resting heart rate variability. All of which are related to the COVID-19 symptoms. Along with these reports, self-reported metrics and other potential symptoms will be recorded in the app to provide guidance for the individuals. Based on this, decisions of whether they should work from home or go to work will be made. 

This new arrangement will increase the security in terms of knowing the likability of those getting infected. Therefore, relevant precautions can be made regarding the same. 

Amy McDonough, managing director and general manager of Fitbit Health Solutions at Google, stated, 

“The pandemic has underscored the critical role that Fitbit can play in providing much-needed support to help people sleep better, eat better, move more and take control of their health and wellness, as well as the potential to identify illness from specific health metrics, which is especially important now during the COVID-19 crisis,”

“We are proud to work with NASA to support its employees and give them access to Fitbit products and services to help them better understand and manage their health and well-being during the pandemic.”

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