20 Best Rabbit Alternatives to Use With Your Friends in 2023

Rabbit was a popular video streaming website and mobile application that enabled family and friends to watch the same content remotely in real-time. 

A host could create a room and invite others to it. Another option was to set the room to the public so that it appeared on the site’s homepage allowing anyone to join.

Whatever content the host opened was shown to the other parties in the room alongside with the video and audio.

Rabbit also offered video and text chat options alongside its core functionality. However, with Rabbit having shut down, there is a need to take a look into Rabbit alternatives that offer similar services to replace it.

Here are a few select ones that every Rabbit fan will surely love:

1. Netflix Party 

Netflix Party

Netflix Party is one of the best Rabbit alternatives in [year].

Netflix Party is a popular co-watching platform that has features very similar to Rabbit. It enables you to watch videos together with your family and friends in synchronized video playback.

Netflix Party also has a group chat feature that supports emojis and GIFs that you can use to interact while you are watching movies and shows in real-time. One of the advantages of Netflix Party is that you do not need to install heavy software as it runs on web browsers only. 

2. Watch2gether 

Watch2Gether Rabbit alternative

Watch2gether is an excellent alternative to the Rabbit website. It enables you to watch great videos, listen to good music, and even do some shopping on Amazon on the side-lines, simultaneously. It has an amazing live sync playback, and there is no lag in streaming movies or shows. The downside of Watch2gether is that it uses online virtual machines to give lower upload speeds than Rabbit. 

3. Airtime 


Airtime is another Rabbit screen share alternative that works seamlessly on smartphones. It enables users to, watch YouTube videos, send animated stickers, listen to music, send sound reactions, GIFs, and so on.

Airtime can support up to ten users in a single room. One fascinating feature about Airtime is its ability to perform media playback and audio commentary like Rabbit. It is the best Rabbit alternative for co-watching videos on mobile phones and an excellent replacement for Rabbit in terms of features.

4. MyCircle 


MyCircle is one definitely ranks amongst the best Rabbit website alternatives as it enables you to watch videos together in a harmonious manner.

MyCircle has integrated varied video streaming platforms like Vimeo, YouTube, and Dailymotion under its portal. MyCircle allows you to play and watch videos on the website with other members in your room in complete sync.

Furthermore, you can also share URLs from other websites and watch video content together. It also has a chat feature that has emoji support for enhanced interactivity. However, the downside of MyCircle is that it does not have a webcam and audio support. 

5. ShareTube 


ShareTube is renowned for being a simple service that enables you to watch YouTube videos with your loved one in an uncomplicated manner. The user has to create a room and share the YouTube URL with other members so that they can watch the content in a synchronized manner.

A group chat option on the platform also introduces a certain degree of interaction amongst the users. ShareTube does not incorporate some of the more popular features that were available on Rabbit. We recommend ShareTube if you want a straightforward YouTube-videos watching experience.  

6. Synatop 


Synatop is a superb alternative to the Rabbit website. It is a web-based service that enables you to view synchronized videos with your close friends. Its competitiveness lies in its cost-free approach.

You will have to register by opening an account first. You can add applications after creating the account. Synatop allows you to watch movies, shows, and videos from these applications.

It is entirely web-based. Therefore, there is no need to download anything. It also has a user-friendly interface. However, you can only watch movies selected from the available titles. 

7. Rave 


Rave is another Rabbit screen share alternative that allows you to enjoy videos with your friends and family. It offers an awesome real-time experience with no latency, and it supports several popular video streaming sites such as Vimeo, YouTube, and Netflix.

It also has allows enhanced interactivity through its option to chat with your friends and family. It also allows members in a room to vote on videos. However, the voting option for videos might be problematic.  



Syncplay is a unique app that enables you to co-play downloaded content on your computer. It is compatible with all major operating systems such as macOS, Linux, and Windows.

With Syncplay, you can play any offline media using MPV, VLC, or Media Player Classic, and it will broadcast your broadcast in a private room.

However, it does not have interactive features like chat and audio messages. Syncplay is an excellent alternative to the Rabbit website that you and your friends can use to watch synchronized content. 

9. MetaStream 


MetaStream makes use of its proprietary technology to bring enhanced multi-person live streaming with close to zero latency. The platform also has an intuitive user interface with on-screen chat, video queuing, and quicker user management.

MetaStream supports all the pre-eminent video streaming services such as Prime Video, YouTube, Netflix, and so on. However, on the other hand, MetaStream does not have popular features such as streaming downloaded media, webcam, and audio support that Rabbit had. 



Andchill has all the standard features that are common on video co-watching platforms. It makes a great Rabbit alternative. With Andchill, you can create your public or private chat room and start watching content with anyone around the globe.

It has a user-friendly interface that enables you to share videos and audio files with a single click. When you visit the site for the first time, you can browse through the list of currently open public chat rooms.

You will be allowed to see what people are watching and how many people are in the room before joining it. Andchill is an excellent manner to meet new people or share content with your family and friends. Overall, Andchill makes an impressive platform for watching media content with loved ones and definitely ranks amongst the best Rabbit alternatives. 



Parsec is like game streaming in the sense that it allows your room participants to interact and comment on the shows and movies in real-time.

Like Rabbit, it has a superior synchronized playback. However, the platform is not built for streaming video content, and it also doesn’t allow other members to control the playback. Parsec is useful to you if you are satisfied with synced playback and uni-directional control. 



Twoseven is a real-time video sharing platform that allows you to watch videos with your family and friends. It also has a chat feature to enhance your interaction. It mainly focuses on video streaming services, live-reaction using a webcam, and real-time experience that is free of latency.

The platform supports Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and so on. Furthermore, it has a chrome extension that allows you to stream a video from any site. If you are in search of a Rabbit alternative that supports numerous streaming platforms without compromising the live watching experience, then Twoseven is the site for you. 



AnimeParty is an excellent Rabbit screen share alternative that is dedicated to streaming and watching Anime content.

It is a minimalistic website that allows you to create a private room and share it with your friends. Its library has great Anime content that you can start watching right away.

It has a group chat feature to ensure that you have enhanced interactivity. It is the best platform for Anime content lovers who are searching for a co-watching platform like Rabbit. 



Kosmi enables you to create virtual hangouts with your loved ones. The platform supports multiple popular streaming sites such as YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon. It also has an excellent synchronized playback and an option to chat with friends and family. You can create rooms without going signing up or installing the application. However, Kosmi tends to be slow on devices powered by Android.  

15. Tutturu 


Tutturu is a shared browsing service that makes a superb alternative to the Rabbit website. You can invite your friends into the room you would have created.

The rooms hosted on Tutturu use virtual machines, leaving no chance that your private information is leaked. You can even run a trial and investigate dodgy links without exposing your computer to risks. However, you have to purchase the subscription plan of the website that starts from $5 a month. 

16. Caracal Club 

Caracal Club

Caracal Club is an awesome Rabbit alternative. Like Rabbit, it allows you to stream a virtual web browser. With Caracal Club, you can create either public or private rooms, and the best part of this Rabbit alternative is that the host can pass the remote to another member in the room if he or she so desires.

Caracal Club makes use of a virtual web browser. Therefore, you do not have to share your screen with anybody. You can create a room of up to 40 members at a time. However, you have to pay a subscription fee of $5 a month to enjoy additional benefits.

17. Invited 


Invited makes a great alternative to Rabbit. It delivers top-notch video and audio for your movie watching needs. With Invited, you can create a room and take turns to control the virtual browser to do web surfacing together.

Generally, any website that you can access on a regular web browser, you can visit on Invited. The platform has integrated chat and control sharing.

Furthermore, it has a room capacity of up to 50 members. However, to enjoy additional benefits such as skipping the line while waiting for a room during peak hours you will have to pay a subscription fee of $5 a month. 

18. Kast 


Kast is a computer-based software that can run on Windows and Mac operating systems. It is an impressive alternative to the Rabbit website. Kast is a comprehensive application for chatting, sharing supporting texts, audios, videos, and so on.

It also offers streaming services similar to those that were offered by Rabbit. On Kast, you can host movie and TV parties for more than 100 people. It also enables you to share your gaming experience with your friends in real-time.

19. Explorii 


Explorii is a comprehensive social networking platform that offers streaming services like Rabbit. It offers private rooms for movie watching and is an exceptional alternative to Rabbit. Furthermore, it provides chatting, free internet phone calls, instant messaging, and group video calls.

Explorii is more than just a streaming services platform. It allows you to watch TV shows, live sports, listen to music, and so on. With Explorii, you can explore breaking news, popular topics, viral videos, and funny clips. It enables you to connect and explore the world. It is a great Rabbit alternative to individuals who like to remain up to date with what is happening around them. 

20. SyncLounge 


SyncLounge is an excellent Rabbit alternative for Plex users. It allows you to impeccably play synched media. The platform is a dedicated co-watching application for Rabbit. It enables you to connect to your Plex library and also create a private room with your friends and family.

SynLounge makes use of its own server instead of using that of Plex for passing data to multiple parties any yet its synched playback is excellent. The platform is similar to Rabbit in the sense that it also allows you to chat with other members in your room. It makes the video watching experience social and interactive. 


As we wind up, with the popular video co-watching platform Rabbit having shut down, there is a need to find an alternative website that can offer an equally competitive or even better service.

Such platforms are not lacking, as evidenced by the 20 Rabbit alternatives you can make use of in [year] that are described above. Check each one out and find the one that suits your needs best.

Let us know what you think about the Rabbit alternatives in this list, and let us know if we missed your favorite Rabbit alternative in the comment section below!

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