What Is IDP Generic? Is It a Virus or a Trojan Horse?

It’s no secret that the world of Windows is loaded with different viruses that can corrupt your data or in severe cases cause your operating system to crash. The common thing to do to try and prevent such malware attacks is to install an antivirus and let it do its work of protecting your computer.

One of the viruses that can be found on a Windows computer is the IDP.Generic malware; which can be a virus or not

What causes this virus to be more annoying than anything is that this threat isn’t specific to any one file type so there is a wide range of file types that can be detected as infected; and not knowing how to deal with these files can present a potential problem.

Because of its nature, lots of users tend to be concerned and they want to make sure whether the affected file is IDP generic malware or a false positive.

Read on to find out how to identify and properly deal with the IDP Generic virus.  

What Is IDP.Generic?

The ‘IDP’ part in this virus is short for Identity Detection Protection. It refers to the fact that this virus tries to steal data connected to your identity; such as banking details, addresses, or any other sensitive details. 

At the basic level of things, this threat can be one of two things: 

  • It can be a simple false positive. This means that the antivirus software on your computer failed to recognize the ‘affected’ file as clean so it then categorized it as a virus when it isn’t one. 
  • It can be a real computer virus called a Trojan, which is a dangerous program that is designed to steal money from you or take control of your PC. 
How The IDP.Generic Will Appear
How the IDP.Generic will appear

The most usual cause of this false positive flag is mainly outdated definitions of your antivirus software. 

What this simply means is that your antivirus program is outdated so you should update it to the newest version, or replace it completely with another antivirus if the false positive detections don’t clear up even after the update.

In rare cases, this virus can affect Android users as well. 

Is IDP.Generic a Trojan Virus? 

In some cases, your antivirus will mistakingly label the file as a virus. In other cases, the file will be a trojan virus. Read further to confirm if the file is a virus or not. 

The tricky part about almost all Trojan viruses is that they are intended to be silent and sneaky. The only indication you might have to show one is from your antivirus software which was the first to alert you to the potential malware.

However, other several gaming sites might show you a warning of this virus as well. More often than not, you will likely not ever see evidence pointing to the existence of a Trojan virus on your computer but It’s recommended that you take the necessary steps to remove this potential threat if you cannot explicitly confirm it’s just a false positive. 

After receiving the notification that you have an IDP.Generic virus on your computer, open your antivirus and make sure it’s updated. After updating, run a full scan to see if the antivirus will pick up the same file as an IDP Generic virus.

Alternatively, If the infected file comes from a game or any other installed program, you can uninstall the program, reinstall it again and run a scan. If it’s picked up after reinstalling, then it’s most likely an error on the part on the antivirus.  

How Did I Get the IDP.Generic Malware? 

Trojan malware like IDP Generic can gain access to your computer in different ways.

You could have:

  • Downloaded a software package that holds the virus
  • Clicked on a link in an email (phishing) that silently downloaded an infected program onto your PC
  • Clicked a pop-up ad on a website that activated the virus to silently launch on your computer.

Once the Trojan virus is activated, it behaves like a chain reaction. It continues to download other malicious software programs and exploit weaknesses in software programs. These exploitations can include hijacking your email program.

Also, if you are a frequent user of torrent sites, eMule, or similar programs, or free file hosting websites, freeware sites, etc. then you are at relatively high risk for trojans infiltrating and corrupting your computer. 

How Do I Remove the IDP.Generic Virus? 

The best (and easiest) way to remove such sneaky software on your computer is to let your antivirus software program do all the work.

In most cases, if it picks up something as a virus, then it usually is a virus. The process of cleaning up your system can take a few hours to do complete, but the result is worth is as these programs do deliver the most effective method of removing unwanted malicious files.  

Method 1 – Update Your Antivirus

Since its highly likely that the IDP.Generic malware is a false positive triggered by an outdated antivirus. The most common way to remove the IDP Generic malware is to update your antivirus and do a full scan.  

  1. After receiving the notification that you have an IDP.Generic virus on your computer, open your antivirus and make sure it’s updated. 
Update Your AntiVirus
Update your antivirus 
  1. After updating, run a full scan to see if the antivirus will pick up the same file as an IDP Generic virus. 
Run A Scan After Updating
Run a scan after updating  
  1. Alternatively, If the infected file comes from a game or any other installed program, you can uninstall the program, reinstall it again and run a scan. If it’s picked up after reinstalling, then it’s most likely an error on the part on the antivirus. 

Method 2 – Reset Your Computer

Another method you can use to rectify the IDP.Generic malware problem is to use the reset or system restore option. This lets you revert to an earlier point on your PC before you had the IDP.Generic virus. Remember to choose a period where you’re sure that you didn’t already have the malware on your computer.  

  1. Type reset this PC in the search bar. 
Type Reset This PC
Type “reset this PC”
  1. On the recovery Window that appears, click on Get started.  
Reset This PC 2
Click on ‘Get started’ and follow instructions 
  1. Follow the instructions that come after that.   

How Can I Avoid Getting The IDP.Generic Virus? 

There are several ways in which you can minimize the risk of being infected/re-infected with IDP.Generic or any other malicious programs.

You have to take extra precautions as you browse the web and ensure you’re protected at all times.  

Update Your Antivirus Protection Software Regularly

New malware programs are released regularly, and virus definitions for these malware are updated at the same speed. Therefore, a regularly updated antivirus program is a necessity and your first line of defense against these threats, both new and old.  

Don’t Open Suspicious/Unknown Email Attachments

Don’t open email attachments unless you’re expecting an attachment from someone via email. Never open suspicious or unknown attachments until you can verify with the sender that they did send you something.

These attachments usually come as a file or link, and 9 out of 10 times you don’t know the person who sent it. However, email services have tried to improve security by building algorithms that can pick up such malicious emails. They are then sent to your spam folder or are labeled as spam in your inbox. 

Email Services Will Notify or Viruses
Email services like Gmail will notify you if a message is spam

Be Vigilant When You Download New Software

Always check the authenticity of the source of your software programs and apps before you download them. Some pose as legit sites, but they are not. This leaves your computer vulnerable to attacks.

Stick to Familiar Websites

The IDP.Generic malware and other viruses can infect your computer through the many suspicious websites you might accidentally visit. Browsers have also gotten better over the years in improving security.

Browsers now can notify you if the website you want to visit is not safe.  

Don’t Click on Pop-Up Banner Ads

When a pop-up banner ad appears as you browse the web, do not click on it. If a site floods you with pop-up advertisements, immediately leave the site. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is IDP.Generic Dangerous? 

As a false positive, the IDP.Generic warning is not harmful. A quick update to your antivirus will fix the issue. If it’s a malware program, it is very harmful as it will download more malware to your computer. You can try the methods mentioned earlier to make sure if the IDP.Generic is a false positive or malware.  

Is IDP.Generic in Steam Executable a False Positive? 

Yes, it is in most cases. This problem has mainly been reported to come from AVG or Avast antivirus programs. However, this does not mean the file is not infected. You can reach out to the support team from either Steam or the antivirus provider on how to resolve the issue.  


As mentioned, it can be quite tricky to verify if the IDP.Generic is either malware or not. The provided troubleshooting methods will help to solve this matter. Also, reaching out to the manufacturer/service provider support team will greatly help you if the problem persists. Also, you have to be extra cautious as with your activity online, and limit exposure to attacks.

I hope this article helped you figure out if the IDP Generic on your PC was a false positive or not. If you have any further questions, you can leave them in the comment section below, and we will look into it.

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