About Us

Founded in 2020, Alrigh, apart from being a tech blog and a coupon site, is also an intentional typo. Yes, no auto-correct to blame here (fortunately). We named it Alrigh, because why not?

Alrigh is an intentional typo

At Alrigh, we breathe, think, talk and write about tech & share coupons from popular brands.

However, as we see it, this is just a starting point of our long journey. In the months and years to come, we intend to cover everything from Hollywood to the Olympics and stock markets too.

At Alrigh, you shall be able to find the latest happenings in the larger-than-life tech world; we mean news. Since we all know, news is boring (ask your kids & their kids), so we definitely will not be stopping here.

That being said, apart from news,

our intention here is to share easy to consume & valuable knowledge that’s helpful.

Now, this may be in the form of How To Question & Answers, Reviews of your favorite products, Product comparisons so that you never take a wrong turn (pun intended), Easy to Learn Guides covering everything about a topic in detail, and maybe some cool gadgets & apps too!

So, stay tuned and Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and everywhere else we are. That way, you not only get our updates fast, but you also make us feel good (really).