ASUS ROG 3 Specs and Images Revealed on TENAA, AnTuTu Blitz Suggests Overclocked Snapdragon 865 At Work

ASUS’ monster ROG smartphone has just made its first big splash, appearing on TENAA and teasing us all with a few images the mobile gaming faithful can be excused for drooling over. The gaming smartphone is slated to arrive anytime soon and as to be expected is positively crammed with features. 12GB of RAM and the Snapdragon 865 were standard features it was expected to possess, with Android 10 running things. Now, the full extent of its abilities and capabilities have been revealed in its TENAA listing and it is something worth marvelling at.


The eagerly awaited monster phone according to what’s on TENAA packs a monstrous 5,800 mAh battery that will undoubtedly assure many hours of use. 30W fast charging means filling up the aforesaid battery can be done almost at the speed of light!

The screen measures 6.59-inches, which means holding it one-handed will be quite a chore. Screen resolution is confirmed to be full HD+ and the display is supposed to be an OLED screen that packs an impressive 144Hz refresh rate. That is however not confirmed at the present, but it is very likely, as other gaming smartphones have similar or better displays and refresh rates.

Image Credit: ASUS

On the camera front, the ASUS ROG 3 will have a 13MP selfie camera, which is less than we were expecting. At the back is a triple shooter setup, with a 64MP camera being the boss, complemented by a 13MP sensor and another sensor of undisclosed size.

Downloads and uploads on the new gaming phone should be zippy, thanks to its 5G network capabilities. As for size, the ASUS ROG 3 will be 9.85mm thick, which is not wafer-thin, but certainly not all that bulky.

Monster Phone With Monster Power

It seems AnTuTu has something to say about ASUS’s new gaming flagship. AnTuTu recently put the new phone through the wringer and it passed in flying colors.

According to the ever-popular benchmarking app, the ASUS ROG 3 had a score of 646,310. For comparison, the next highest AnTuTu score by a device with Snapdragon’s mighty 865 chipset was achieved by the Oppo Find X2 Pro, which managed 604,123.

Analyzing the results, AnTuTu concluded that the ASUS ROG 3s overwhelming superiority was due to its -potentially- overclocked chipset, the 512GB of internal memory, and the stupendous 16GB of system memory. The -rumored 144Hz- refresh rate was also commended for doing its bit to make the score as high as it was.

Cooling Down

Considering that the Snapdragon 865 in the ASUS ROG 3 registered a clock speed that peaked at 3.09GHz when the highest should be 2.84GHz, it is very likely that ASUS implemented some sort of cooling solution to keep its new device from melting down. We suspect an active airflow cooling system is at work in the gaming smartphone, or failing that a liquid cooling system.

The previous ROG 2 device was released in July 2019. Considering the timing of the TENNA listing and ASUS’ antecedents, it seems highly likely that the ASUS ROG 3 will be officially unveiled in July this year and be available for purchase soon after. If you are hoping to get your hands on it, we suggest you get prepared to dip into your inheritance, because a monster like this is not going to come cheap!

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