How to Incorporate Video in Building Your Business?

The world has transversed to become a place for digital nomads. And with the world taking steps in a new direction, so are businesses. Companies are looking at new ways for building bridges with their customers. One fledgling way is through incorporating videos as a strategy.

Videos have dominated the social hub. We find ourselves scrolling one video after another on loops of hours. So why not use it as an approach to optimizing your success pitch?

But first, let’s answer the question,

What exactly is Video Marketing?

Simply put, video marketing is all about creating engaging videos to promote your company, draw more customers and grow sales. A survey that recorded videos as an important strategy over the years shows an incessant rise in the trend. Video marketing is not a new idea however, it has become one of the fastest-growing marketing campaigns in the corporate setting. You can create a tailored experience for your audience and investors to know more about your ideas and get raw, authentic first-hand info in a creative descript.

Here’s how you can use videos in your success campaign

Becoming a video marketing pro

For using any creative strategy, it is important to recognize what we’re looking to achieve from it. Ask yourself the following questions and you may just land on the right answer to creating a compelling strategy.

  1. What purpose are you planning to accomplish?
  2. What ideas do you wish to convey?
  3. Who is your target audience?
  4. Do you have enough resources to edit and shoot?
  5. Which out-of-the-box strategies could you apply in your videos?

Making a video for your brand is easy, however, it comes with a lot of complexities. From grabbing an idea to posting the final product the process might be time-consuming. What can make your job easier is using video-specific products.

About Vimeo and how can you benefit from it?

Vimeo is an American video hosting and service company or as it claims to be “the world’s only all-in-one video solution”. Vimeo adds polish to your professional approach. For every venture, Vimeo has a unique plan to get the best work done. Share your videos with Vimeo and you might just reach a larger audience and convert them to customers. A top bet for high-quality content production, Vimeo can save you from a truck worth of complexities.

Most popular creator products on Vimeo

  1. Create from templates: you can choose from thousands of custom templates to find the right one for your brand. At the top bar, you can view the types of videos that you’d like to create and start shooting the best shot! Vimeo also has an unlimited stock library for you to explore from. You can customize your videos with the perfect colors and fonts that match your vibe. Here’s a chance to create awesome content.
  • Live streaming: another great way to help your pitch reach a wider audience is through live streaming. Vimeo provides a platform to help broadcast your ideas and give you more control on views and audience. Stream high quality videos ad-free with graphics that come straight from your browser. Live streaming gives you the opportunity to talk and answer your viewers questions live on the internet so that they get first hand information about your services and products.
  • Vimeo record: A free tool to boost your team’s productivity and creative side. It lets you screen and webcam record messages for a simpler communication with your team. Create training videos, share feedback and streamline all your work with Vimeo create.

Monetizing your videos with Vimeo

By monetizing your videos, you can generate revenue from the video content you create and post online. Once you reach a stable increasing growth of followers and views, you can begin monetizing your videos. Let’s take a look at the top monetizing business models presented by Vimeo.

  1. SVOD: Subscription Video On Demand is a popular monetization model that is used these days typically by OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon prime. It is a recurring subscription that is paid by the customer after a certain period of time to enjoy premium content. The revenue collection of this model alone can go up to billions of dollars.
  1. TVOD: Transactional Video on Demand is another model that is set to make money for your brand. It allows the customers to pay a one-time fee to enjoy benefits for a lifetime. In simpler terms, the transaction process refers to pay per video.
  1. AVOD: Advertising Video on Demand is rather the road mostly taken by creators or businesses. It allows advertisers to place ads between or before your videos for your audience to catch a view. The audience can watch your content without paying any specific fee. Let’s call it a win-win situation.

All in all, Vimeo has the power to help you create professional, customized videos for a great experience for your audience and a chance for you to earn.

Shopify for Vimeo

To help you increase your sales, Vimeo has launched an integration program called Shopify for Vimeo. There is no doubt that video marketing is an incredible strategy for businesses. To augment the growth even further, Vimeo has allowed Shopify merchants to create dynamic videos at a larger scale. Sync your Shopify store with Vimeo and you can create a herd attracting videos in no time!

Videos are a gold mine for traversing the audience into customers. And with the right tools such as Vimeo available, it can turn into a job well done. You can reach millions of views if you tell your story in a raw, authentic way. In a digital world, build your success story the digital way.

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