5 Must-Have Vevor Products for Gearheads

Modifying and customizing your ride is a beloved hobby for millions of automotive enthusiasts across America. But sourcing affordable, quality parts can be a challenge. That’s where Vevor comes in. This online retailer provides car lovers access to over 20,000 products including must-have tools, equipment, and accessories.

Founded in 2009, Vevor may not be a household name yet. But it’s become a go-to for DIYers and mechanics seeking customized upgrades on a budget. With warehouses in the US and Europe, orders arrive fast no matter where you are.

Intrigued about what Vevor can do for your vehicle? As a car customizer myself, I picked 5 of my favorite Vevor products that every gearhead should have in their garage. Let’s get modifying!

5 Must-Have Vevor Products for Gearheads

Top 5 Car Products for DIY Enthusiasts

1. Vevor Tire Changer Machine

The Vevor tire changer is a great machine for DIY work. It helps me change tires quickly in my own garage. I don’t have to pay a mechanic shop anymore. This tire changer works on standard car, truck, and SUV wheels up to 24 inches. It can handle low-profile tires too.  

Vevor offers various tire changer machines:

1) Portable Manual Tire Changer – $79.99

2) Truck Tire Changer – $88.99

3) Semi-automatic tire Changer Machine for Tractor – $88.99

I chose the affordable manual tire changer model that cost $79.99. The steel construction makes this machine sturdy. It weighs over 200 lbs so it doesn’t move around when I’m working. The dual assist arms on the Vevor tire changer make it easy to mount and demount tires smoothly. I just have to push down a little bit.

This tire machine has paid for itself already. I’ve used it more than a dozen times to swap winter and summer tires on two vehicles. It saves me time and money. The price is good too compared to other brands. I’m happy with my tire changer for my DIY auto shop. I would recommend it to any car enthusiast who works on their own vehicles.

2. Vevor Car Lift

The Vevor car lift is great for my home garage. It lets me lift a whole car up to work underneath it. No more crawling around on the floor! I got the hydraulic lift because it is easy to operate. Use the electric hydraulic pump to raise vehicles up to 4,400 pounds. The lift has two symmetric arms to lift each side evenly.

Vevor offers multiple car lift models. Two of my favorites are –

  1. VEVOR 10L Car Lift Hydraulic Power Unit– $219.99
  2. VEVOR 14L Car Lift Hydraulic Power Unit– $235.99

I chose the 14L model (option 2) for my home garage. Installing this lift was straightforward following the included instructions. It came with free tools like hex keys and wrenches which made assembly easier. The lift has a solid steel frame so it feels very sturdy and secure lifting my trucks and SUVs. The lift arms adjust to fit different wheelbases too.

I use my Vevor car lift all the time to change the oil, brakes, exhaust, and more. It makes auto DIY projects so much easier. The lift lowers when I’m done. For the price, I doubt you can find a better garage lift. I tell all my car friends they need one.

3. Vevor Auto Transmission Jack

The Vevor transmission jack is a must for any DIY mechanic. It makes removing and installing transmissions super easy. No more struggling trying to support them! This sturdy jack can lift up to 1,100 pounds. That is enough for most car and truck transmissions.

The Vevor transmission jack is priced at $169.99.

I like how the wide saddle provides a stable base for the transmission. Some cheaper jacks tend to wobble but not this one. The Vevor transmission jack rolls smoothly on its rear casters too. Makes it easy to maneuver around my garage.

Setting up the jack is fast. Just unfold the arms and pump the foot pedal to lift it up. The release lever gently lowers transmissions into place. For the affordable price of $169.99, this transmission jack works flawlessly. Any gearhead who changes their own transmissions should get the Vevor model. It makes the job so much easier and safer.

4. Vevor Wheel Balancer

The Vevor wheel balancer helps spin and balance wheels. Balanced wheels let your car drive smoothly and steadily. Unbalanced wheels vibrate and shake while driving. This can damage suspension and steering parts over time. It also causes uneven tire wear.

The Vevor balancer is easy to use. Just lift the wheel onto the roller wheel. Turn it on to start spinning. Add weights where the machine indicates. This balances the wheel perfectly. It only takes a few minutes per wheel.

No more paying a shop to balance wheels. This balancer gives professional results in your garage for only $158.99. Changing a wheel? Always balance the new one. Rotating wheels? Balance them all. Keeping wheels balanced with the Vevor machine improves your car’s ride and tire life. It’s an essential automotive tool for smooth performance.

5. Vevor Car Refrigerator

The Vevor car refrigerator keeps food and drinks cold in your vehicle. It can be powered by DC or AC electricity. This makes it convenient for road trips and camping.

The fridge is compact but has ample storage. It can hold up to 36 cans plus snacks and milk. The door has a shelf for small items. The temperature can be adjusted from 32-50 degrees F. This keeps everything fresh.

Installation is straightforward. Secure it on the floor or seat. Plug into your car’s 12V lighter outlet. The fridge also comes with a standard AC power cord for home use.

For only $239 to $265, this quality fridge is very affordable. No more buying ice on trips! It chills food fast and maintains temperature. The tough plastic exterior also resists vibration in a moving car. The Vevor car refrigerator is a handy appliance for any auto enthusiast. It provides cold drinks and snacks on the go.


These five Vevor products are great for any car enthusiast’s garage. The affordable prices make them accessible for DIY repairs and upgrades. The tire changer, car lift, transmission jack, shop vac, and LED light have become key tools in my workshop.

Whether you like fixing up classics or doing your own oil changes, these Vevor tools deserve a spot in your garage. I suggest all car lovers must check out Vevor’s website. They have quality and budget-friendly accessories. Vevor has something for every DIY car project. Moreover, they have some deals going on daily.

Do you have a favorite car product that helps your projects? Let me know in the comments below! I’m always looking to add new automotive tools. With the right gear, you can turn your garage into a shop. This lets you save on mechanic labor costs. Vevor provides the equipment to make any car enthusiast’s DIY dreams a reality. 

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