13 Sites like Craigslist to Buy or Sell Stuff in 2023

Whether it’s selling all your stuff and moving out of the country or getting rid of that one not-so-pretty piece of furniture or simply supporting your local community or having a limited budget month, Craigslist has always been the preferred option. The one-stop go-to resort to buy or sell second-hand things or even look for jobs. But what if you don’t find something of your taste even on Craigslist? It happens. And that’s why we’ve curated this list of 13 best sites like Craigslist for buying and selling just for you!

1.Facebook Marketplace

Facebook-Marketplace - sites like craigslist

The one platform that has it all. Facebook is not just for posting statuses and funny memes; it’s so much more. You can buy and sell used things on the Facebook Marketplace like home appliances, apartments, electronic devices, etc. It connects you with the best suitable sellers with the help of all the data it has stored.

Moreover, people on Facebook can join groups where people from the same locality post things for sale or trade. To find a group near you, search for “[your city name] garage sale,” and you shall find good results. Another good thing about Marketplace is that it available on the Facebook app as well.



Considered one of the best Craigslist alternatives, Offerup offers many used products for consumers to buy. It’s also dedicated to creating a safe space for secure transactions as it provides an ID verification service. Hence, having fewer chances of scams or frauds. You can select your location and browse for items with filters under numerous categories. Offerup also has an app for android and iOS, which allows you to communicate efficiently with the sellers and buyers. One of my favorite features is the “Make Offer” option. As the name suggests, you can negotiate a lower price for a product with the seller if you feel comfortable doing so. All in all, it’s an excellent alternative to check out.

3.eBay Classified


For those unaware, eBay has a section of classifieds that lets you buy and sell products among your community members. You find various things, from electronics to vehicles to rare collectibles, etc. If you can not find something on Craigslist, you can try eBay to be a great alternative.

Another good thing about eBay, it strictly maintains seller information; hence you as a buyer can view a seller’s membership duration, user reviews, and feedback percentage and make a well-thought decision.



A local Canadian version of Craigslist and owned by eBay, Kijiji is considered the most popular free classified site. It has several categories such as jobs, furniture, real estate, etc. Along with all that, it has a section for resumes, services, vacation rentals, and many more. Kijiji has now expanded its reach over the US and, therefore increasing the user base. You can also upload videos of the items you’re selling, thus giving the customer a better picture and clarity of the product. If you’re looking for something similar to Craigslist, I’d suggest you give Kijiji a try!



Locanto is a website for buying and selling, much like Craigslist that provides services in the US and India. From finding a babysitter to selling a used car or an apartment, Locanto offers several options. The interface is quite user-friendly, and you can search by product, state, city, popular hashtag, or even set search alerts according to your requirements. Locanto offers the Safer Trading option that lets buyers have safe transactions and not worry about anything shady.


OLX on web browser

This one is for all Asian and mainly Indian users out there. OLX can be considered a good alternative for Craigslist as it offers a host of second-hand products that you can buy, from books, cars, instruments, jobs, etc. You can find just about anything in your neighborhood through OLX. It is more than just a website like Craigslist as it also has an app for both android and iOS. Hence you can buy and sell things on the go.



Mercari mainly operates in the US, UK, and Japan, and it’s considered one of the best alternatives to Craigslist. It is excellent if you’re looking to buy or sell merchandise. You can find just about anything on it, including clothes, fashion items, electronics, accessories, and more. However, there is a 10% selling fee, but it enhances the experience and overall functionality.



Swappa is specifically for buying or selling electronic items such as cameras, cellphones, tablet video games, and more, including voice assistants, streaming devices, and thermostats. Unlike Mercari, there is no selling fee, but you have to pay a small amount before buying any product as a buyer. That is mainly because Swappa assists with the sale to ensure everything is done smoothly. The fees, however, are refundable if the buyer is not content with the purchase.



Whether you’re looking for vehicles, or houses for rent or pets, or even garage sales in your neighborhood, Recycler has got you covered. Much like Craigslist, you can buy and sell local second-hand stuff. Recycler has a user base of 18 million monthly users. As a seller, you can provide more information, such as uploading a bio, adding more about the product you intend to sell, etc. Overall, Recycler is a decent option to try out if you live in the US.



A family-friendly Craigslist alternative, Bookoo is an excellent option if you’re looking to hold a yard sale or want to buy from one. Spread mainly across the US, part of the UK, and Europe, Bookoo takes pride in its kid and family-friendly sale of products. It has live chat support, and sellers on Bookoo can also create a profile with a bio and a picture.


Another great Craigslist alternative, VarageSale, offers a fair deal of buying and selling options in your vicinity. It has online and offline social communities; hence users can join groups that include people from their area and later do business within that group. That way, you’re aware of the people you’re dealing with and build long-term trading relationships in the future. VarageSale is primarily active in the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the UK. As a seller, You can sell specific items in interest-based groups too. In conclusion, if you’re living in any of the countries mentioned above, do give VarageSale a try.



Specifically, in the UK, Gumtree is a sought-after website similar to Craigslist. However, its market is now spreading throughout Europe, Australia, and ex-pat communities in the United States. In the UK, Gumtree is considered one of the largest sites for job listings. However, it is not only limited to that, and you can even buy or sell apartments, vehicles, etc.


Suppose you live in a major city such as LA or Chicago or even in a mid-major town such as Virginia Beach, Tulsa, or Cincinnati, Geebo is a decent alternative to check out. It allows you to buy or sell heavy equipment, vehicles, real estate, services, merchandise, etc.

One good thing about Geebo is that it offers “SafeTrade” to ensure that the process of buying and selling is safer than any other trading similar sites. In SafeTrade, the buyer and seller can mutually agree to meet at a local police department if one feels unsafe meeting outside to avoid any shady experience.

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