How Much Does DataCamp Cost in 2023 – Complete Pricing Info

DataCamp is an e-learning platform that helps you gain data science, machine learning, and programming skills. It offers a wide range of courses across many career tracks with up-to-date content. It enables you to learn through coding exercises and real-world projects. It provides features like skill assessments, personalized recommendations, certificates, and progress tracking. The platform also has a community where you can connect with peers and experts for guidance. DataCamp provides flexible pricing options. In this DataCamp review, you will learn about DataCamp, its prices, and which plan you should get if you want to subscribe.

DataCamp Pricing

DataCamp Pricing: How Much Does it Cost?

Check DataCamp pricing and differentiating features in the table below.

PlanDescriptionMonthly CostAnnual CostFeatures
BasicIt is a free subscription plan with many but limited features.FreeFreeLimited access to the course library
Get the first chapter of each course for free
Free professional profile and job board access
PremiumThe annual subscription offers unlimited access to the entire course library and additional features.$29$12.42/monthGet access to all courses from the course library
(billed annually)Enables you to earn certificates and access projects
Additional ways to learn to code quickly
Priority support
TeamsTailored plans for businesses and organizations with added team management featuresCustom pricing$25/monthTeam management tools
(billed annually)Group reporting and progress tracking
Priority support
EnterpriseCustomized plans designed for large enterprises with advanced features and supportCustom pricingCustom pricingCustomizable features and dedicated support
Advanced analytics and reporting
Single sign-on (SSO) integration and enterprise-level security and compliance

DataCamp Plans for Individuals

DataCamp offers two types of subscription plans: Basic / Free and Premium. Both plans give you access to their complete course library, which covers various topics, including data science, machine learning, and programming.

With these plans, you can engage in interactive learning through coding exercises, projects, and assessments. You also have access to additional features such as skill assessments, personalized recommendations, progress tracking, and certificates of completion.

Individual Plans can be purchased on a monthly or annual basis, depending on your preference for payment structure.

DataCamp Basic Plan

If you’re starting with DataCamp, its Basic plan might fit you well. The Basic plan is completely free to access.

With the Basic plan, you can explore the platform and get a feel for the learning experience. It allows you to access the first chapter of every course, giving you a glimpse into the topics covered. You can also create a free professional profile and access the job board.

But, it’s important to note that the Basic plan comes with limitations. It doesn’t provide the same content, features, and support as the Premium plan. With the Basic Plan, you won’t have access to the entire course library. This means you’ll miss out on learning materials available to subscribers on a paid subscription.

DataCamp Premium Plan

The Premium subscription lets you access all DataCamp courses. This includes over 430 courses covering Data Science, Python, SQL, Tableau, Power BI, Oracle, R, and more.

It also gives you access to live code-along, bite-size practice exercises, and step-by-step coding projects. You can also complete projects to earn certificates. You can use these certificates to showcase your expertise to potential employers. This enhances your career prospects.

The plan also allows you to get priority customer support & join DataCamp’s global Slack community. You can network with fellow learners and share your portfolio of analyses over there.

The Premium subscription plan is DataCamp’s most popular and value-for-money option. There are both monthly and yearly subscription options available. It costs $12.42 per month when billed annually or $29 per month if billed monthly.

DataCamp Business Plans

DataCamp is an excellent resource for business owners. It’s perfect if you want to boost your team’s data analytics and data science skills.

They have unique plans designed for businesses. These plans let you set up custom learning paths for your team. They come with advanced reporting features. They even offer Single Sign-On (SSO) for a smooth learning experience.

Whether you’re looking to improve your team’s data skills, track their progress, or connect with your existing learning systems, DataCamp has got you covered.

They offer two types of business plans: Team and Enterprise. Both plans provide the tools your organization needs to boost data science skills. They help foster a culture that values data.

DataCamp Teams Plan

DataCamp’s Teams plan is a complete learning solution for groups. It’s ideal for small and medium businesses. It makes managing teams and working together simple.

This plan gives you and your team access to DataCamp’s entire content library. It costs $25 per user per month, billed yearly. When you subscribe to the Teams plan, you can oversee your group’s learning and track their progress. You do this through the admin dashboard. They also give you tools to manage licenses.

DataCamp Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan is a flexible learning solution. It’s designed for larger companies. With this plan, you get all the features of the Teams plan, plus more.

You get to set custom learning paths for your employees. This lets them learn at their speed and focus on essential skills. The Enterprise plan also gives you advanced analytics and reporting. This enables you to track your team’s progress and performance.

Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities are included. This means your employees can use their existing login details to access the DataCamp platform.

For easy integration with your current learning management systems, the Enterprise plan offers LMS/LXP integrations. This makes it simple to connect DataCamp with your existing learning infrastructure.

DataCamp Prices for Students

DataCamp has exciting plans in store for students to support their education. Those plans enable students to use DataCamp for free or at heavily discounted prices.

DataCamp for Universities Program

DataCamp has a special program for universities. It gives free access to its platform for teachers and students. Only teachers and faculty members can join this program. After they’re approved, teachers can invite their students to DataCamp Classroom. This gives students a free DataCamp account. The students can access the entire DataCamp course library.

Are you a teacher or a faculty member? You can get a free DataCamp classroom. You must give your school email address, name, country, and a link to your faculty page or staff directory. You also need to give your class name, your role, the start date for the class, and the number of students. Once you submit the form, DataCamp will review your application. After it’s approved, you can invite your students to the classroom.

DataCamp Premium Student Plan

DataCamp has a Premium Student Plan. It’s great for students in degree-granting colleges and universities. This plan lets you access all DataCamp courses and exercises. The best part? It’s at a lower price. You pay $74 instead of the regular $149 fee.

Basic (Free) vs. Paid DataCamp Subscriptions 

DataCamp’s Basic plan gives you limited access to their course library. You can access the first chapter of each course for free. You also get a free professional profile and access to job boards.

The Premium plan gives you more. You get full access to all courses offered by DataCamp. This includes certificates, specialized programs, and projects. It gives you unlimited access to their content library. You also get extra features like skill assessments, certifications, and personalized learning paths. The Premium plan gives you a more detailed and tailored learning journey. The Premium subscription gives you more ways to learn to code. It helps you get ready for a job.

The Basic plan is a good start for those wanting to try data science. But the Premium plan is the way to go if you want a more complete and immersive learning experience.

Is a DataCamp Subscription Worth It?

To sum it up, DataCamp is a complete and dynamic platform for learning data science and data analysis.

DataCamp’s course library is made by industry experts. It offers hands-on experience with coding exercises and real-world projects. If you want to be a data scientist, data analyst, change your career path, or want to learn a programming language, DataCamp is a valuable investment.

It has pricing options for different needs.

The Basic plan lets you use DataCamp with limited features.

The Premium plan offers unlimited access to all courses at a reasonable price. It includes extra features like skill assessments, progress tracking, completion certificates, and more.

For businesses, DataCamp has Team and Enterprise plans. These plans offer custom solutions with team management features, progress tracking, advanced analytics, and support.

Teachers and faculty members can enroll in the DataCamp Universities program. This enables them to provide free DataCamp access to their students.

If your school is not a part of DataCamp Classrooms, you can still get a special discount with its Premium Student Plan.

If you are a student, check the GitHub Student Developer Pack that helps you get DataCamp for free.

Frequently Asked Questions about Datacamp Pricing 

Does DataCamp have a free option?

Yes, it does. DataCamp has both free and paid options. The free plan gives you limited access. The premium plans give you more features and access to all DataCamp courses.

What can you get for free on DataCamp?

The Basic Plan is free. It’s like a free trial. It lets you try DataCamp courses before you buy a paid subscription. The free plan gives you access to some courses and learning resources. You can access the first chapter of a course for free. You can create a free professional profile and access the job board. But, to access the entire course library and extra features, you need a paid plan.

Does DataCamp have Free Courses?

DataCamp used to offer six free courses. Now, they let you access the first chapter of any course for free with the Basic Plan.

How much does a DataCamp Certification Cost?

There is no separate fee to get a DataCamp certification. This fee is included in the Premium Subscription offered by DataCamp.

The certification process consists of timed exams that assess your abilities in these areas.

These certifications are designed to help you stand out in a competitive job market. By earning a certificate, you can demonstrate your expertise to potential employers and qualify for in-demand jobs in the field of data science.

What is the DataCamp Mobile Subscription Plan?

DataCamp offers mobile access to its course content through its mobile app. But, it does not provide separate mobile-only subscriptions. The subscriptions cover access to the entire course library. This includes both web and mobile access. So, with a subscription, you can access courses and resources on both the web and mobile platforms.

What is the I4G DataCamp Scholarship?

The I4G DataCamp Scholarship is an initiative by Ingressive for Good in collaboration with DataCamp Donates. It aims to empower African youth by granting them free access to Data Science Education. Through this program, they provide more than 10,000 licenses for learning and earning certificates.

Can I Cancel My DataCamp Subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your DataCamp subscription any time you want.

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