How To Check for New DataCamp Courses?

Looking to stay ahead in your data science or machine learning journey? Discovering upcoming courses on DataCamp is a great way to keep yourself updated with the latest trends and skills in the field.

In this blog post, we will explore how you can easily find the upcoming courses on DataCamp and ensure you take advantage of every opportunity to enhance your data science expertise. So, let’s dive in and uncover the secrets of staying up-to-date with DataCamp’s future offerings!

How to check Upcoming Courses in DataCamp? 

 Here are the steps for accessing DataCamp’s current and upcoming courses:

  1. Log into your DataCamp account.
  2. In the left panel, click “Courses” to access the current course catalog.
  3. Browse through the extensive catalog of over 400 courses.
  4. To view upcoming courses, go to the Course Roadmap page.
  5. The Roadmap page displays upcoming courses and release dates.

Follow these steps to track DataCamp’s courses and stay updated on new releases.

You can also contribute ideas for the expansion of their course offerings.

How to Request a New DataCamp Course?

If you have a topic idea that you want DataCamp to teach, below are the steps to make your suggestion heard.

  1. If you have a specific course idea, click “Submit a Request” and select “Share a Course Idea.”
  2. Provide details about the course idea you would like to suggest.
  3. DataCamp’s team considers these course requests when developing the course roadmap.
  4. For any queries, refer to DataCamp’s Help Centre in the support section.

What is the Course Roadmap?

DataCamp categorizes its courses into different stages on the Course Roadmap. Here’s what each stage means.

  1. Planned Courses: Planned courses refer to future releases by DataCamp. These courses are in the early planning stages and are on the roadmap for future development.
  2. In-Development Courses: The courses in this section are under content development. While they are not yet released, they are in progress and will be available for learners soon. 
  3. Coming Soon Courses: Coming Soon courses are almost ready for release. They are in the final stages of development and will be available soon. Learners can expect to access and explore these courses in a few weeks.
  4. Live Courses: Live courses are fully developed and available for learners. Live classes are complete and delivered to learners. Enroll and start learning immediately, gaining valuable skills in data-related topics. 

DataCamp is the go-to platform for professionals looking to be data scientists or enhance their skills. With a vast catalog of courses, you can stay ahead in the rapidly evolving data landscape. The interactive platform, expert instructors, and practical exercises provide a comprehensive learning experience.

Knowing which courses will be released soon lets you plan your learning journey accordingly. If you already have a DataCamp subscription and are looking for a course they don’t already have, we suggest checking their roadmap once. Doing this helps you check if the course you want is in plans or if it’s coming anytime soon. This could also help you save some money if you are considering buying the same course from a different website.

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